Metaverse: Oliver Heldens and a Man City star launch a musical collaboration

The world of music and sports come together to offer a unique experience in the Metaverse! Famous DJ Oliver Heldens and Manchester City star Jack Grealish have joined forces to create a sensational musical collaboration track in the OKX Collective. As a bonus, this immersive 15-minute experience also features competitions to win prizes and meet football players.

Manchester City player Jack Grealish makes his DJ debut with DJ Oliver Heldens

The metaverse is advancing rapidly and is beginning to permeate many areas such as sports, music, and fashion. A recent example of this development is the collaboration between renowned DJ Oliver Heldens and Manchester City star Jack Grealish to create a musical collaboration track in the Metaverse OKX Colleactive.

This exclusive partnership was celebrated during a 15-minute DJ set, entitled ” Mixing in the Metaverse“. This immersive experience brought together competitions as well as meetings with football players, providing a moment of relaxation and fun for all the fans present.

Yesterday, Haider Rafique, Marketing Director at OKX, announced the event that all fans have been waiting for. Future house pioneer Oliver Heldens mixed alongside Jack Grealish in the first-ever DJ set. Mixing in the Metaverse“. The concert experience would be breathtaking, with a brand new track created by Grealish and Heldens, performed in a futuristic stadium built in the Everdome metaverse.

Manchester City player Jack Grealish said “I love music and have wanted to try my hand at DJing for a long time. What I couldn’t expect was that my debut as a DJ would come in the metaverse. The Metaverse OKX Collective is unique, and I’m honored to share this special collaboration alongside a DJ legend like Oliver with fans around the world.. »

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OKX Collective offers an immersive fan experience with competitions to win prizes

OKX Collective offers a unique immersive experience for fans, thanks to competitions that allow them to win exceptional prizes. As one of the leaders in Web 3.0 technology, OKX offers unparalleled financial and engagement opportunities. Additionally, currently OKX is the Official Training Kit Partner of Manchester City for the 2022/23 season.

The immersive fan experience offered by OKX Collective is not limited to music. Indeed, fans can also participate in competitions to win exclusive prizes, such as team training passes and game tickets and much more.

These competitions are a great way for fans to live out their passion for football through unforgettable experiences. The opportunities offered by the metaverse are numerous and bring fans closer to their passions and their favorite players.

For our third metaverse experience with Manchester City, we step into the virtual world to watch Jack try his hand at the turntables alongside a legend of the future house genre. This fan experience is a great example of the unique immersive experiences we are building for fans. These opportunities are special in that they bring people closer to the players they love and their passions..” Says Haider Rafique, Global Marketing Director at OKX.

In short, this musical collaboration between the player of Manchester City, Jack Grealish, and the famous DJ Oliver Heldens in the metaverse of OKX Collective testifies eloquently to the growing adhesion of the metaverse in various sectors, such as music, sports and fashion.

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