Meta welcomes Microsoft's Office 365 applications into its metaverse

The bearish trend in the crypto markets certainly does not prevent the development of projects on the metaverse. As proof, Microsoft and Meta have just teamed up to launch Office 365 applications in the metaverse. Learn more about this new partnership.

The new gem of virtual reality (VR) headsets from Meta

Meta Platforms and tech giant Microsoft have signed a partnership to encourage companies to work in virtual environments. Thanks to this collaboration, a range of Microsoft Office 365 products will be added to Meta’s VR platform. The “virtual office of the future», as Mark Zuckerberg calls it, is about to welcome Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, etc. All of these Microsoft productivity apps will be available on the “Quest” virtual reality headset and the new Quest Pro.

Microsoft and Meta are teaming up to bring Office 365 into the metaverse.

The Microsoft CEO recently said that these two headsets will also be compatible with his Teams video calling application. Satya Nadella added that it will offer people the possibility of gathering in a virtual space similar to a meeting room. The CEO of Microsoft has indicated that it will be possible to use the identity management apps on helmets.

It is also expected that these will be compatible with Microsoft applications dedicated to the management of mobile devices. The idea is to make it easier for businesses to manage and secure VR headsets. Structures will thus be able to ensure the security of these devices in their corporate networks as if they were computers or telephones.

Elsewhere, Satya Nadella talked about the future features of Meta’s virtual reality headsets. Speaking of which, it will soon be possible to stream a Windows Cloud PC to these headsets.

What else to expect with the new VR headset?

the Quest Pro should encourage feedbackmore intuitiveon the manual controls. It should also allow areal-time expression tracking“. With this last feature, any virtual avatar will be able to reproduce the facial expressions (in real life) of the user it is associated with. The virtual avatar will therefore be able to imitate, for example, the smiles and winks that the user makes in real life.

According to Meta, the Quest Pro virtual reality headset will inspire users for a day’s work in the virtual world. The company guarantees more comfort and clarity as well as higher resolutionwith the new VR headset.Microsoft CEO said:We’re bringing the immersive meeting experience of Microsoft Teams to Meta Quest to give people new ways to connect with each other“. All you have to do is wait to discover all the promised features

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