The Blockchain Business School to train future Web3 players

In recent years, blockchain has emerged as a disruptive technology characterized by exponential and sustained growth. Obviously, industry and economy would like to experiment and adopt blockchain. Recent and future developments in the areas of blockchain are revolutionizing our society, but skills are still lacking. Trainings such as those provided by the Blockchain Business School are multiplying and trying to follow the movement.

Training and opportunities

Blockchain seamlessly integrates with existing systems and processes. This not only makes the technology viable for global implementation, but also expands career opportunities. Nevertheless, to take advantage of the increasing integration of blockchain, one must acquire the necessary skills.

Whether you want to pursue a career in a Web3 company, carry out a professional retraining, define an investment strategy and undertake in the ecosystem, the Blockchain Business School has developed several training programs that meet your specific objectives. These courses are open to all profiles: students, employees, job seekers, entrepreneurs, companies, beginners, etc.

Understanding blockchain and managing a Web3 project

This training entitled “The Original” gives you all the keys to work in Web3. The program offers two specializations: Tech Lead or Product Manager. This training is spread over 12 weeks (6 to 8 hours per week over 3 months) and includes a common core (project management, basics of blockchain technology, blockchain development, basics of entrepreneurship). It is offered in hybrid training: the theoretical courses are given remotely, the practice is done face-to-face as part of the Masterclasses within the Pyratz incubator in Levallois. However, the Masterclasses are rebroadcast for students unable to attend.


This first specialization is particularly aimed at those who wish to become a Tech Lead developer, work in blockchain architecture, pursue a career in IT security and data protection or enter the world of frontend mobile & web development. This training also offers the basics of UI (user interface) and an introduction to UX (user experience).

The training is mainly focused on the development of smart contracts and how to adapt existing standards. This program will also give you all the keys to mastering the technical and cryptographic principles of blockchain technologies. The design of applications based on the blockchain and/or using smart contracts or the development of Web3 solutions are also part of the program. Finally, the entire course emphasizes collaborative work.

Product Manager

This second specialization is more focused on the entrepreneurial aspect and/or project management in Web3 at all levels. This training also covers the technological, economic and business principles of Web3, the analysis of the latest trends to design products that meet the needs of users as well as the management of a Web3 project (team coordination, budget management, etc.) . BBS experts will also teach you how to effectively communicate with partners and users to build decentralized communities.

Taking this course offers you a variety of career opportunities. This specialization allows you in particular to become a designer of Web3 products and solutions (Product ownership & management, Design thinking and product design), to integrate a company as an accountant, to pursue a career in the legal department, to work in communication entrepreneurial or become experts in tokenomics.

Create NFTs

As its name suggests, this training focuses mainly on the creation and marketing of NFTs, supported by mastering the technical basics of the blockchain. The training lasts 3 months, at the rate of 3 hours per week. By participating in this program, you will be trained:

  • Fundamentals of blockchain and tokenization
  • The basics of NFTs (definition, concept, characteristics, classification, myths, prejudices, rumours, development phases, etc.)
  • On the NFTs market (evolution and breakdown of the NFTs market, presentation of emblematic collections and the main market players, demonstration of the functioning of marketplaces, etc.)
  • To the design and marketing of NFTs
  • To creating an engaging community.

This training also includes applications and use cases of NFTs, to be discovered through a variety of case studies among others. It also emphasizes points of attention (pricing, speculation, copyright, etc.) and development prospects.

Discover the Web3

This 33-hour training allows you to discover and/or understand the decentralized universe of the Internet through different modules. You will learn how to apply blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAO or the metaverse to your business. Here are the details of this program which is aimed at individuals as well as companies and professionals:

  • Introduction to Web3 (history, challenges, actors, fundamental principles, protocols, security, wallets, use cases, use, etc.)
  • Introduction to blockchain development (basic concept, architecture, smart contracts, test and deployment…)
  • Understanding DeFi
  • Introduction to NFTs and metaverse
  • All about tokenomics.

Understanding DeFi

Over 12 weeks (6 hours per week for a total of 90 hours), this training available in hybrid format aims to provide the fundamentals of DeFi. It will allow you to acquire a solid foundation for mastering decentralized finance. In this program, the experts will suggest that you focus on:

  • The history of DeFi
  • The technical functions of the blockchain
  • How DeFi works
  • The different aspects of DeFi (cryptoassets, Ethereum, tools and skills, regulations, dangers of DeFi, institutional DeFi, etc.)
  • The launch of a DeFi project.

Artificial intelligence

8 weeks to master the foundations and practical applications of AI, as well as to learn how to effectively manage AI projects using agile methods. Discover the key concepts of AI, explore the multiple opportunities it offers, and you will be able to apply it to your professional field to improve your efficiency.

  • Common Core (introduction to AI and its fundamentals, API, discovery of ethics and the legal framework surrounding AI, practical workshops on ChatGPT, Midjournez, etc.)
  • Specializations (AI in business and industry / AI in health / AI in entertainment / AI in finance / AI in transport / AI in gaming / AI, Blockchain and Web3 / AI, Marketing – Social networks)
  • Grand Projet – From theory to action (collaborative work, ideathon, hackathon)

Blockchain Business School: Training provided by Web3 experts in a dedicated environment

The Blockchain Business School brings together a consortium of experts from all over the Web3 to create a learning community competent in all areas: investment, sports, entertainment, gaming, DeFi, marketing, education, data, security, accounting, management, NFT , metaverse, etc.

Experts from Ledger (a French unicorn, world leader in storing and securing digital assets), Sandbox (a benchmark on the metaverse market) and even Coinhouse (a large trading platform based in Paris) are part of speakers and give you an idea of ​​the quality of the teaching team.

The training courses generally take place in hybrid form, with courses given at a distance and practices (Masterclass) in person. The masterclasses take place in the premises of the BBS established in the largest Web3 accelerator in Europe, Pyratzlabs, in Levallois Perret.

At the end of the training, the participants in the training programs receive a certificate of competence to validate their course and their achievements. As an extension of their training, the BBS offers them a professional immersion of 2 months. The Blockchain Business School’s recruitment team is also committed to finding them professional opportunities corresponding to each profile.

Financing of training

The Blockchain Business School has established partnerships with various organizations (OPCO, CPF, Pôle Emploi, Regional Council) to help you, if necessary, to finance your training. You can also pay for the training up to 4 times, at no additional cost. Finally, holders of NFTs from the Cassigneul, Dogami, Nephel, Between Lines or Billy collection will benefit from a 5% discount on their training fees.


The blockchain ecosystem is experiencing a significant increase in the number of people skilled and proficient in the technology. Nevertheless, the talent shortage is still a reality and a challenge. There Blockchain Business School responds precisely to these skills needs by training the actors of the Web3 of tomorrow. These kinds of initiatives are essential to foster the emergence of research that could take the technology to the next level. Furthermore, training and education provide the opportunity to better communicate technology, which will drive the evolution and mass adoption of blockchain.

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