Binance Announces New 30% Staking

The next Ethereum upgrade is scheduled for September 15. Crypto platforms offering ETH services are busy improving their offers. In this context, Binance US has decided to launch a staking offer that should appeal to Ethereum users.

Stake with just 0.001 ETH

According a tweet from JackOfAllTechs on September 7, “ Binance US Launches Low-Barrier Ether Staking Ahead of The Merge“. The US exchange announced on Wednesday that it plans to launch ETH staking with annual returns of up to 6.0%. Most intriguing is that it only takes 0.001 ETH to start staking on the platform. Remember that it normally takes 32 ETH to do direct staking on the Ethereum network.

Brian Shroder, CEO of Binance US, indicated that ether plays a major role in “ the broader Web3 ecosystem . » « As the Ethereum network continues its transition to Fusion, we are excited to offer ETH staking with some of the highest APY rewards in the industry. “, he added.

You should know that users do not yet have the possibility to destock ETH on the Binance US platform. Regarding rewards for staking, they will only be distributed after the Merge. Users will be able to withdraw their ETH Proof-of-Stakeafter the Shanghai upgrade. And this upgrade will only be possible if the Merge is successful.

Binance US offers users to stake Ether from 0.001 ETH with annual returns of up to 6.0%. However, the exchange said it has no control over the final amount of ETH investor rewards.Proof-of-Stake. You should know that 25% of Ethereum nodes have not yet been synchronized with regard to the Merge.

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