Bitcoin (BTC): This asset that we no longer want to part with?

A user just transferred $174 million worth of bitcoins, for a nominal fee of $1.41, according to DocumentingBTC. A fee almost zero compared to the total amount transferred. This is one of the four major benefits of using bitcoin, according to Crypto Goku.

Bitcoin (BTC): Many advantages for its users

Compared to this $1.41 fee on a $174 million BTC transaction, Crypto Goku speaks out. Indeed, he talks about the main advantages of decentralized finance in his tweet. According to him, the transfer between two Bitcoin blockchain users can be done with minimal fees.

But not only, he also specified other assets. According to Crypto Goku, the author of this 9-digit transaction enjoys four advantages, namely:

  • Instant access to funds
  • The ability to initiate bitcoin transfers without waiting for authorization from any bank
  • Carry out fast, but also secure transactions
  • Very low fees for transactions

All BTC users also enjoy these benefits on their transactions and transfers.

bitcoin transfer
Transfer of 8,744.34392890 Bitcoin

Low fees on transfers: A major advantage of BTC

Bitcoin transfer fees are very low, and this is one of its major advantages. Indeed, on this transaction of $174 million of Bitcoin for example, the fee represents only 0.0000008% of the total amount. With this fee expressed in percentage terms, Bitcoin scores a point on interbank transactions. Indeed, transaction costs are significantly higher when it comes to a transfer between two banks. In addition to this, the transaction between two BTC users is done faster, even instantly. While to make an interbank transfer, it may take several days.

Created in 2009, bitcoin (BTC) is still considered a relatively new type of currency. Learning more about its benefits can help you decide if it is the currency of the future for you. What is certain is that bitcoin offers more attractive transfer fees than banks.

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