Binance and FTX, the leaders of centralized exchanges!

GameStop recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with the FTX company. While the areas of activity of these two companies seem distant from each other, they plan to federate their interests in order to contribute to the influence of the crypto market.

Positive fallout for the crypto market

The purpose of the partnership between GameStop and FTX is clearly defined: TO DO acquaint GameStop customers with FTX’s services and make sure they getinterested in the crypto market. But this is not the only goal pursued. For the realization of the partnership, the company GameStop has revealed that it will make “cards-caGamedeaux FTX” available to its customers in certain stores in the United States. However, it has not yet revealed the names of the stores selected.

It didn’t take long for the positive fallout from the news of the collaboration between the two companies to be visible. For example, the value of GameStop shares is skyrocketing on the stairs. In fact, she has jumped nearly 11.06% while it had previously fallen 4.30%, according to MarketWatch. It is possible that the value of the shares will increase further over the next few hours. In any case, this is what investors and experts are hoping for.

In addition, throughout the partnership, GameStop propwill dare to retail to its customers the products of the FTX crypto exchange. At present, we still do not know anything about the parameters of the collaboration since none of the companies concerned has spoken on the subject. We will therefore have to wait for their statements in the coming days to find out more.

FTX and GameStop have signed a partnership to bring the crypto industry to as many people as possible, including GameStop customers. As part of this partnership, GameStop stores will be spaces where customers can subscribe to FTX offers and receive retail products.

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