Launch of Love Hate Inu -What makes the new Shiba Memu currency better?

What makes a smart dog like Shiba Memu (SHMU) different from a cryptocurrency like Love Hate Inu? There are several reasons, because Shiba Memu brings a lot to the meme coins market, and the project aims to be the best. The meme market topped $20 billion in 2022young puppies like Shiba Memu offer a lot more utility than you might imagine.

Shiba Memu is above all other meme currencies

If you were to go through the full list of benefits of Shiba Memu, you will find a long list. Mainly focused on AI and blockchain technology, the project focuses on helping with marketing strategies while streamlining the whole process.

From writing his own PR to promoting the SHMU token on many social platforms, Shiba Memu can run free like a doggie in his favorite park! With the integration of artificial intelligence, the technology behind Shiba Memu will continually learn and improve.

Traders will find Shiba Memu to be more of a long-term investment than other meme coins, as it offers the same loyalty as man’s best friend. Artificial intelligence gives Shiba Memu a much greater potential for usefulness than is usually found in other same corners. Once you’ve seen everything Shiba Memu is capable of, you’ll realize that no leash is holding this dog back!

Characteristics of Shiba Memu

With AI-powered Automatic Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, Shiba Memu quickly puts Love Hate Inu behind. These algorithms can analyze posts from social networks and many other online communities. They are used to create unique marketing strategies to attract potential investors.

While most meme currencies aim to leverage their virality, Shiba Memu seeks to provide viable long-term utility in the crypto industry. This can only increase in value over time, and the token will experience a guaranteed price increase daily.

Not only can Shiba Memu generate content, but you can recover your SHMU. At this point, investors can suggest websites, topics, tools, or anything else that might help the token self-marketing process. If Shiba Memu uses any of your suggestions, you will get more SHMU treats as a reward.

How does Shiba Memu work?

Shiba Memu is able to do many tricks, as many products make him a well-behaved puppy. Automatic language processing is just one part, and Shiba’s usefulness is set to expand throughout the project’s roadmap. Below is a brief overview of the products that make up the memecurrency ecosystem.

  • Image and video recognition to help track related brand assets across the internet.
  • Predictive analytics that tracks historical data and market trends
  • Sentiment analysis to track changes in positive or negative sentiment towards SHMU
  • Personalization of marketing messages based on user behavior and other related factors

All this benefits all investors who believe in the project. The ecosystem as a whole is rolling out throughout 2023 and 2024, so presale investors have reason to rejoice.

Analysts offer price predictions for Shiba Memu

While the project is in presale, Shiba Memu has seen its price increase by 12.13% since its day one price of $0.011125. It is ramping up to a profitable outcome for investors, making it the perfect choice to add to your portfolio.

Due to the viral nature of memes, the acquisition of Shiba Memu could result in 50x to 100x gains at launch. The project has plenty of time to gain exposure and attract investor interest in the cryptocurrency market. The daily price increase during the presale is at a fixed rate of $0.000225. This will ultimately lead to an increase of 119.33% on the 60th day of presale.

What is the comparison with Love Hate Inu?

Even though Love Hate Inu has spent more time in the park, Shiba Memu befriends investors faster than other meme currencies. The Love Hate Inu chart does not bode well for the future.

The project is constantly in the red, which makes it difficult for investors to take it seriously. Besides the fact that crypto is trying to cash in on the meme craze, it hasn’t been very successful in terms of utility or financial incentive.

Starts signing adoption papers

It is quite obvious that Shiba Memu is on the right path to become the leader among other meme currencies like Love Hate Inu. With its utility, AI-powered products, and adaptable ecosystem, the project offers financial incentives and sufficient utility for profitable long-term ownership. The coin is currently at $0.012475, and there is still time to participate in the presale and follow SHMU grow towards for attractive returns.

You can buy SHMU in presale here.

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