When a politician's victory becomes that of bitcoin (BTC)!

The Canadian Prime Minister is not a fan of cryptocurrencies. He demonstrated this in a statement, in which he criticized his conservative rival Pierre Poilievre’s support for bitcoin (BTC). Trudeau believes that any leader advocating for the adoption of cryptocurrencies is irresponsible. A statement that follows the position of the newly elected leader of the Conservative Party.

Trudeau criticizes Poilievre’s pro-crypto policy

Justin Trudeau criticizes Poilievre’s dubious economic ideas

On September 13, Justin Trudeau posted several tweets. He denounces the pro-crypto opinions of Pierre Poilievre, the new leader of the Conservative Party. He blames her for her declared support for bitcoin (BTC), and the called irresponsible leader. The Canadian Prime Minister has reservations about the economic ideas of the Conservative Party. But he does not rule out a collaboration between his party and that of Poilievre. “We have endeavored to work with all parliamentarians over the years, and we will continue to do so. But we will also speak out against dubious and irresponsible economic ideas, because Canadians deserve responsible leadership. »he said.

Recall that Trudeau never mentioned Poilievre’s name in his tweets. But the denunciations relate essentially to the subjects broached by the leader of the conservatives during his election campaign. Coincidence?

Unlike vaccines, bitcoin does not save lives

During his campaign, Poilievre repeatedly pointed to the Bank of Canada. He reproached him for having spent lavishly during the health crisis related to Covid-19. He also accused Trudeau and his finance ministers of being responsible for the inflation the country is experiencing. In addition, the number one conservative also took the opportunity to reaffirm his support for cryptocurrencies. According to him, the bitcoin is an effective way to control inflationhence its reputation “digital gold”. Indeed, its supply is fixed at 21 million coins which can never be extracted.

Simply put, bitcoin is a long-term hedge against inflation. However, the current fall in cryptocurrencies is fueling criticism from several political figures. And even more, since Poilievre’s group’s nearly million dollar fundraising campaign to fight Covid-19 vaccines. Trudeau just reminded the Conservative leader that: “Fighting life-saving vaccines is not responsible leadership. »

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