Ethereum (ETH): Ether at $3,000?  The opinion of Arthur Hayes

During his intervention on the Bankless Podcast show, Arthur Hayes, the co-founder and ex-CEO of the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange, announced his predictions for the Ethereum blockchain. Among other things: the price of ether (ETH) will increase considerably in the coming months. According to him, the value of the digital asset will rise up to $3,000 by the end of the current year.

Arthur Hayes expects positive predictions

In a few days, ETH will change protocol and switch to Proof-of-Stake (PoS). While waiting for this major event, the number of transactions on the blockchain has decreased considerably. For fear of high volatility, many investors stay away from the system. But they shouldn’t have such behavior according to Arthur Hayes. He thinks that while the protocol change will soon take place, the number of people using ETH will grow at breakneck speed.

It is in this context that it is most likely that theETH can cost $3,000he believes.

However, Mr. Hayes did not rule out the possibility that things might turn out differently. He thinks the gas costs are also expected to rise to reach significant levels. Which could be a limit for many investors. Buyers could be discouraged as a result, he said.

Asked about his goals with ETH, Hayes indicated that he plans to make significant investments by December. And for good reason, he thinks that during the month of December, the market fluctuation will become relatively stable. Now is the perfect time to invest.

As we get closer to the day when Ethereum will change its protocol, concerns are growing about the future. However, some investors, like Arthur Hayes, believe that it will be quite a nice situation for all people who continue to trust the blockchain. He believes that the price of Ether (ETH) will cross the $3,000 mark.

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