Ethereum (ETH) forecast for 2023 - Dash 2 Trade, a good bet?

While the cryptocurrency market is still in a delicate situation with a bear market that continues to extend, the future could be brighter, especially from 2023 when a possible bull run could occur. Here are forecasts for Ethereum and Dash 2 Trade for the coming year.

A bull run could indeed favor the price of many cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, which has experienced difficult weeks since The Merge, but whose value could increase significantly if the market were to return to the green.

The current presale of Dash 2 Trade could also generate profits beyond the future rise of Ethereum. We explain all this to you immediately!

Ethereum in 2022

For Ethereum, 2022 could have been a very different year and with more potential, but the bear market decided otherwise. While the market had been timidly starting to recover for a few days, the FTX affair saw all the sector’s efforts collapse in a few hours.

Despite everything, we have seen that when the general market is in the green and a slightly more positive sentiment surrounds investors then Ethereum price increases significantly.

This year marked the history of the Ethereum blockchain, but also of the cryptocurrency sector with the transition from the Proof of Work mechanism to Proof of Stake for Ethereum. If this update, called The Merge, took a long time to set up, it finally happened last September.

While many experts estimated a significant increase as a result of this change, ETH has seen its value drop due to the bear market, but also potentially the risks involved on how the SEC could define this cryptocurrency and its staking now that it uses the Proof of Stake mechanism.

Nevertheless, overall this is great news for the Ethereum network as it is going to enable lots of updates for improve blockchain scalabilitypotentially reducing the cost of transactions and above all it has reduced the energy consumption of the Ethereum blockchain by more than 99%, which is favorable in a context where cryptocurrencies are often criticized for the ecological disaster they represent.

Price predictions in 2023

According to experts already in 2022 following The Merge, Ethereum had the potential to explode and cross the $2000 mark. However, this prediction did not materialize and given the current state of the market, it is unlikely that this will be the case for 2022.

On the other hand, depending on the state of the market in 2023, Ethereum could break above the $2000 mark within a matter of weeks. Indeed, a next Bull run is potentially expected which would result in pump the whole market.

Ethereum remains a cryptocurrency with great potential. As a result, its price should climb much higher once the crypto market recovers. In the best case, Ethereum could reach $2500-3000 by the end of 2023.

Dash 2 Trade: the crypto that could generate more profits

In addition to the potential profits achievable with Ethereum in the coming months, there are pre-sales which can be a godsend for investors and this is particularly the case with Dash 2 Trade (D2T). The presale started on October 19. In less than a month, the presale raised more than $5.7 million.

dash 2 trade

Suffice to say that collecting more than 5 million in the space of just over two weeks testifies to the enthusiasm of investors for this project. Phase 3 is underway out of a total of 9. The current price of a D2T token is $0.0513 and will be $0.0662 at the end of the presale.

Thus, Dash 2 Trade is a project that seems to be attractive and the hype around it could lead it to have a significant increase in the value of its token once it becomes available on various exchanges.

The concept of Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is a cryptocurrency addressing to investors and traders. Indeed, their goal is to provide a platform providing a lot of information, but also tools to allow their users to make the best decisions to make profits.

In addition, the project intends to make the effort to present its entire platform and tools in easy-to-understand forms. Most of the existing competitors very often offer features that handling is not easy or again, it is not easy to get the information in a few clicks.

Dash 2 Trade

With Dash 2 Trade, simplicity and efficiency are the key words. Among the tools and features available are back tracking, auto trading, real-time alerts, professional indicators and more. As a bonus, D2T also wants to focus on presales. It is far too easy to miss an opportunity as there are so many plans, but with Dash 2 Trade you will have an overview of the market in order not only to make the right decisions, but also not to miss an opportunity that could grant you benefits.

A free version will be available to access the D2T platform. On the other hand, it will only offer the bare minimum to get an idea of ​​the product. To fully access all features, it will be necessary to pay a monthly subscription payable using D2T tokens. Two paid subscriptions are on the program: a standard level giving access to the majority of tools and a premium level for all those who want to invest fully in cryptocurrencies without missing any information.

Participate in the presale currently in progress

D2T is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain, therefore to participate in the presale you would need to have ETH or USDT in order to make the payment. To invest, you just have to go to the site of Dash 2 Trade. Once the presale is over, you will have to return to the site and click on the “Claim” button in order to recover your tokens and receive them directly in your crypto wallet.

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