John Deaton shakes up the crypto community with a potential announcement

Calm is not what you will find in the crypto ecosystem. Anyone who wants to get started should expect many surprises. And currently, the community is in turmoil after a John Deaton release. If the lawyer is known for defending Ripple (XRP) holders, he could also be planning something big.

In short :

  • John Deaton, the lawyer who works to defend holders of the crypto XRP, shakes the community with a tweet
  • The investor would have an announcement to make later today, but this is subject to a condition that no one knows

John Deaton brings movement to the crypto community

The future of cryptocurrencies is the center of attention of all followers. Even if the market is gradually recovering, a lot of turbulence remains and everyone is looking for information. John Deaton knows it, and he doesn’t miss an opportunity to attract the attention of Internet users.

The lawyer said in a tweet that he would make an announcement later today. Although he used the conditional, his followers did not fail to make innuendoes about this announcement. Indeed, almost everyone hopes that this is good news. As an influential member of the industry, investors often refer to him for details of upcoming events.

As a reminder, Deaton is a strong supporter of XRP crypto holders. Additionally, he is also fighting alongside blockchain payments company Ripple Labs in its SEC case. But not only that, since it now works alongside other crypto exchanges, notably Coinbase and Binance.

A passionate person serving the industry

John Deaton likes to cause a sensation and his numerous statements prove it. The lawyer was at the forefront of the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple. As if that were not enough, it seems that he has decided to be the spokesperson for the customers of the largest crypto exchanges.

Indeed, Deaton, in addition to representing more than 75,000 XRP holders, he also represents more than 3,000 clients of Binance and Coinbase who also suffer the wrath of the American regulator. Known for his speeches in which he informs the community, Twitter users are convinced that something big is brewing and that we should be ready just in case.

John Deaton is a relentless advocate, but also a staunch defender of crypto assets. Regardless, the fact that the community reacted to his tweet in this way is proof of his influence. However, the question remains: what does he want to announce?

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