Human Rights Foundation (HRF) and Bitcoin (BTC): For a tomorrow without censorship!

To make the world free from human rights crises, this is the mission that HRF had set itself since its birth in 1978. This is why this foundation does not hesitate to carry out surveys, relay testimonies and influence political decision-makers in a hundred countries. No government grants are accepted by the Human Rights Foundation. This is to tell you that she enjoys total financial independence. But she would welcome donations in bitcoins to fuel her cash flow. As his philosophy matches well with that of the bitcoinshe does not hesitate to draw on her resources for the development of the Bitcoin network.

HRF, a donation of $325,000 in BTC to promote bitcoin

Yesterday, Bitcoin Magazine revealed that the Human Rights Foundation donated $325,000 to “ finance the development of bitcoin “.

Here is how this contribution will be distributed in digital assets:

  • $100,000 for BTCPay Server, an open-source BTC payments processor that facilitates uncensored bitcoin payments around the world;
  • $50,000 will go to Jon Atak, this developer is constantly monitoring and improving the Bitcoin network;
  • $50,000 will go to Josh Kitman, the author of Fedimint, this Chaumian e-cash solution for Bitcoin;
  • $25,000 will go to Keith Muklai, the one in charge of Seed Signer, a hardware wallet offline and bitcoin compressed air;
  • $25,000 to support Leigh Cuen’s NGO Bitcoin Donation Guide project;
  • a tranche of $25,000 to allow Robosats, an open source P2P Lightning exchange, to continue its expansion;
  • $25,000 will support Novaya Gazeta’s investigations into the relationship between cryptocurrencies and human rights amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. To say that the Bank of Russia recently decided to legalize cross-border bitcoin payments;
  • $25,000 will be awarded to Initiative Vinteum, a non-profit bitcoin research and development center operating in Brazil.

A bitcoin friendly foundation

The idyll between HRF and bitcoin was born in 2014, the year in which it began to accept donations in BTC. As her credit union became increasingly wealthy in bitcoins, she was quick to set up a bitcoin development fund to support developers orbiting the network. Moreover, the Human Rights Foundation is not lacking in activities to promote cryptocurrencies: Privacy Technology Fellowship, Open Money Initiative, etc.

“Bitcoin can be a vector of freedom” – Source: HRF

As it has evolved, the Human Rights Foundation has ensured that giving BTC donations has no obstacles. Thus, cryptocurrency donors have the choice between several alternatives such as the BTC Pay Server and the Lightning network for the transfer of allowances.

This story of donations in bitcoins or cryptocurrency does not date from the movement of Canadian truckers “Freedom Convoy” nor from the war in Ukraine. Long before that, Vitalik Buterin donated millions of dollars in SHIB for Covid-19 activities in India. As for the Human Rights Foundation, the stories of bitcoin donations go back a long way. And she really knew how to grasp the concept to the point of rallying several donors to her cause.

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