Crypto: A memecoin to attack Do Kwon!

Memecoins are known to be crypto developed on the back of a joke. They often generate the support of a large number of investors and easily gain notoriety thanks to the buzz they create. A new crypto referring to the spectacular collapse of Terra has just been added to the long list of memecoins. Discover the objective aimed by its promoters.

A crypto project for the imprisonment of Do Kwon

According a tweet from BizToc News on September 6, “new meme piece wants Do Kwon imprisoned“. The new crypto project is titled JailKwon, a term reminiscent of the Terra leader’s name Do Kwon. The JailKwon token, launched on BNB Chain on September 3, is currently trading under the ticker JKWON on PancakeSwap. According to its promoters,whenever you see or hear Do Kwon, LUNA, or LUNC, the Jail Kwon token will never be far from your mind. »

The project is attached to a 12-page white paper. In this document, we can read that it aims to “educate to win. » Indeed, the promoters intend to use the proceeds related to the project to offer individual educational courses. These will focus on the areas of cryptocurrency security and crypto market analysis. According to the white paper, the new token will benefit from a “free marketing and spontaneous push-upsthanks to Do Kwon’s fame.

A team of developers decided to “shed light on what happenedin Terra’s crash creating a memecoin called JailKwon. It must be said that since the collapse of Terra, Do Kwon has become infamous within the crypto community. Recall that this collapse caused a huge loss of money for thousands of investors around the world.

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