How Lugano is turning into the Bitcoin (BTC) capital of Europe

In Switzerland, there is now a city where you can live and carry out your daily activities using only bitcoins. Her name ? Lugano, one of the country’s economic and financial jewels. Through its “Plan ₿” initiative, this city intends to make life easier for holders of cryptocurrencies in general, and bitcoin in particular. Several local businesses, including giant McDonald’s, now accept bitcoin payments. And guess what, the municipality of Lugano does not intend to stop there…

The city of Lugano’s projects for bitcoin

The Swiss city of Lugano has set itself an incredible goal. It wants to become the European capital of bitcoin. With this in mind, Lugano has designed in collaboration with Tether, the issuer of stablecoins, the Plan ₿.

Presented in March 2022, Plan ₿ is an initiative to transform the financial infrastructure of the city of Lugano. It is therefore dedicated to the adoption of bitcoin and stablecoin. His vision is for all businesses in Lugano to use cryptocurrency seamlessly for day-to-day transactions.

The first part of this plan was to institute bitcoin as essentially legal tender. This has been done since last year. Then, more recently, the Plan₿ foundation partnered with GoCrypto to provide the infrastructure to enable bitcoin payments in Lugano. This last action marks a decisive turning point for the Swiss city.

Bitcoin payments now possible in Lugano

As we discussed in the previous paragraph, the Plan₿ foundation has partnered with GoCrypto, the cryptocurrency payment service provider. This now provides the necessary infrastructure to allow local businesses and merchants to receive crypto payments.

As a result, today in Lugano you can now make all your daily purchases and transactions in bitcoins. For example, you can pay for food, buy entrance tickets to art galleries or even rent cars with this crypto. So you can eat at MacDo and pay the bill with bitcoins!

These new possibilities have a significant impact on the daily activities of the inhabitants of the city. They are also an opportunity for local businesses. So, to help these businesses, Lugano, through the Plan ₿ project, is working with Tether to encourage and help them accept bitcoin.

In short, the city of Lugano is one of the first Swiss regions to fully accept bitcoin and to offer payment solutions entirely based on this cryptocurrency. Its example will certainly inspire other European cities.

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