Crypto: The X token lives again with the change of name of Twitter!

Elon Musk recently surprised the web by renaming his social network Twitter to X. The reactions were quick after this rather unexpected change. Each Internet user went there with his comment. The name change made by the American entrepreneur also had repercussions on the crypto sector. The occasion is the thief, it is said, and some have obviously taken advantage of the windfall to launch cryptos bearing the new name of the social network.

A token launched in 2022 and become deadcoin

The X token existed long before the Twitter name change. Indeed, the cryptocurrency was launched in January 2022. It was linked to an NFT platform which ceased operations several months ago. Like this platform, the X token whose price has undergone several variations since its launch, ended up also disappearing from the radar and became a deadcoin.

Before Elon Musk’s announcement, the X token was worth around $0.00001. A price that will increase considerably and go up to 0.0007 dollars when Elon Musk decides to rename his social network and chooses as a new name, a name similar to that of the cryptocurrency. Even though the price of the asset exploded after this change, neither Elon Musk nor his social network are directly linked to the X token.

Beware of scams!

In the wake of the announcement by the boss of Tesla and SpaceX, the enthusiasm for the X token has increased considerably. Many investors wishing to ride the wave rushed to invest in crypto.

At the same time, several other tokens bearing the name ”X” have been launched, thus creating confusion in the ranks of investors. Many cryptocurrencies have been issued with “succinct and meaningless roadmaps” as BFM TV points out.

At the time of writing, the price of the real X token is $0.00002132, down 12.86% in the last 24 hours. Investors who plan to buy this cryptocurrency must therefore remain cautious and to avoid any risk of crypto scam.

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