Gaming: Calvaria reaches 1.6 million dollars during its presale!

Play-to-Earn continues to build, despite the headwinds. Axie Infinity has gotten a head start in the media, but there are a handful of other projects worth checking out. Among these, the game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, expected in early 2023. The ICO is progressing at full speed, and the first shots of the game are frankly convincing. Let’s take a few minutes to see what this project is made of, and how to buy the RIA token.

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, an NFT game planned for 2023

Calvaria: DoE is a collectible card game. It incorporates the principles of the game Magic: The Gathering, the reference in the world of traditional card games, the famous trading card games. It also draws its inspiration from Hearthstone, the mega-success that we owe to the American publisher Blizzard.

If you are not familiar with the genre, know that this type of game is played with a deck Cards. The objective is todeplete life points of his opponent by throwing combinations. The cards alternately represent creatures, weapons, and other spells. Over the duels, the player earns experience points and reward points, which can benefit from new cards.

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An important aspect of games such as Calvaria is therefore the card quality. The white paper doesn’t indicate how many “types” the game will have, but we should be set with the beta version scheduled for early 2023. The team regularly posts updates and explains them via live streams on his YouTube channel.

It will be possible to play for free, with a deck of basic cards. To improve your game, you simply have to play and gain experience. The victories during the Single player campaign and in the fashion Player vs. Player will earn points and reward crates. This is where the look comes in. NFT-Blockchain : tokens can be used in the game for:

  • improve maps;
  • purchase in-game resources such as upgrades or unique cards in the form of NFT tokens.

A Play-to-Earn version and a Free-to-Play version

Calvaria: DoE will be hosted on the network Ethereum. However, to avoid huge fees, in-game assets will be generated and traded on the second layer polygonmuch less greedy in costs.

The cards will be in the form of NFT. Each card will therefore be unique. If the “basic” cards will be available by default, rarer cards will be sold in early 2023 on the KuCoin, and platforms. No information for the moment on the floor prices during this initial NFT offering (INO). But again, it won’t be long.

Interestingly enough, the Calvaria team wanted to retain an audience of more traditional players. Next to the P2E version, we will have a version in “Free-to-Play”. In other words, a version of the game without NFTs and without RIA and eRIA tokens.

Game tokens: $RIA and $eRIA

  • The token $eRIA (Earned RIA) will reward players through single-player campaigns and online duels. The $eRIA earned can then be used to buy resources in-game such as upgrades or unique NFT cards on the Calvaria Store. The supply of eRIA will be unlimited, therefore inflationary.
  • The token $RIA will confer governance properties on its holders. It will also require RIA to unlock certain exclusive features, such as creating and trading rare cards. The RIA will have a limited offer to 1,000,000,000 tokens.

The next successful Play-to-Earn in 2023?

It is not said that Calvaria: DoE will automatically be as successful as Gods Unchainedthe pioneer of trading card games among NFT games. Nevertheless, several elements lead to think that the game could quickly conquer its audience.

First the presence of a Android & iOS mobile version. This is a recurring criticism addressed to Gods Unchained, available only on PC. However, to conquer the Chinese market (and Asian in general), like Axie Infinity, it is imperative to allow players to play with their smartphone.

The market precisely, let’s talk about it. Know that the trading card games report every year nearly $6 billion to publishers. There is therefore a vast market to conquer. Provided you offer a quality game: neither too complex nor too simplistic. The game mechanics suggest this will be the case.

The first shots and the trailer are in any case mouth watering for TCG fans. His dystopian universe draws on pre-Columbian myths (Aztecs, Toltecs). And the game is beautiful: proof that the creators seem to be on the right track to achieve their objective of offering ” AAA-like gaming experience » (the category of games with the biggest budgets, editor’s note). The player will have the choice between three factions. We will follow with interest the opening of the beta version to the public in early 2023.

Buying RIAs in presale: how to do it?

The ICO of the project started on September 19 on the site. And despite a complicated context, success is there: already more than $1.6 million raised on a target of 9.75 million.

The site indicates that it is in phase 4 of the presale. The price of the RIA is $0.025 (payable in USDT Where ETH). The price increases in stages, every 30,000,000 tokens sold.

To get it, you will need go to and click on the “Buy” button on the home page. USDT, USDC, DAI or even BUSD tokens are accepted by Calvaria. The minimum investment is set at $1000 RIA. At $0.025, this is equivalent to a $25 bet. Validate.

Note however that it is only once the presale is over that you will be able to claim your tokens. You will need to reconnect to the platform and click on “Claim” on the home page. This will trigger your $RIA tokens to be sent to your Ethereum address.

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