Financial revolution: AI and blockchain in the spotlight in the CMC crypto podcast

Artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are at the heart of a revolution that is transforming the traditional financial sector. These technologies, through their ability to offer innovative and secure solutions, are redefining methods of savings, investment and financial transactions. The new session of’s CMC crypto podcast in partnership with CoinMarketCap will focus on this revolution. A prestigious guest will enlighten listeners on these new technologies and how they are reinventing savings.

New edition of the CMC podcast with Jean Yves Guillou

This Thursday, February 8 at 5 p.m., is launching the second edition of the CMC podcast for the year 2024. After the first session with David Prinçay, CEO of Binance France, who covered interesting topics such as halving, ETFs, and current situation in the crypto market, this new edition of the crypto podcast promises to deepen the conversation even further. Emile Stantina, CCO of, welcomes Jean Yves Guillou, co-founder of Rayn, to explore the theme: “AI and blockchain go beyond the limits of traditional savings”.

Discussions will focus on the innovations Rayn brings to the financial sector, delivering next-generation products using blockchain and AI. Also on the menu for this crypto podcast are discussions on how artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are transforming savings and investment strategies. Panelists will discuss how these technologies offer more flexible, secure and cost-effective alternatives to traditional savings options.

The CMC podcast: a platform to learn about crypto, blockchain and Web3’s CMC podcast is an informational meeting place for those looking to understand the nuances of the crypto market, blockchain and Web3. Each edition offers listeners in-depth analysis and discussions on current topics, hosted by industry experts and thought leaders.

The first session, for example, explored the move from Web2 to Web3, highlighting the importance of data tokenization in this transition. The second edition took the reflection further by focusing on the future of gaming as a catalyst for the mass adoption of cryptos.

The tradition will continue this Thursday with discussions on revolutionary concepts related to artificial intelligence and blockchain. Listeners can expect to come away with a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by today’s financial innovations. So make the appointment so you don’t miss any of the experts’ in-depth analyzes and future perspectives.

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