Fiasco Terra: Do Kwon, betrayed by his family?

Admittedly Zack Guzman lost funds in the Terra crash, but that didn’t stop him from approaching the founder of TerraForm Labs. A week ago, he posted a video on YouTube summarizing his talks with the man Anonymous wants to sue. There were some big revelations in it.

Do Kwon comes out of his silence

On August 15, Coinage uploaded the first part of the interview with Do Kwon via YouTube. This had taken place in a TerraForm Labs headquarters in Singapore, since he has not yet returned to Seoul.

Here are some details that might help you better understand the thread of their discussions.

Source: YouTube

00:00 – Intro

01:50 – Explanations on Terra

10:02 – Interview with Do Kwon – Day 1

7:00 p.m. – Raid at the home of Terra co-founder Daniel Shin during the night

20:02 – Interview with Do Kwon – Day 2

28:36 – Closing »

During this 29-minute interview, Kwon returned to the controversial events that occurred before and during the Terra crash. According to him, there were one or two anonymous actors who knew when and how to breach Terra’s algorithm. They had a modus operandi well developed, recognizes the man who believed in the invincibility of his algorithm.

I was in Singapore. I woke up in the morning and the Curve pool was out of balance because someone had made a really big trade… Twitter was inflamed by UST speculation. And my first reaction is, you know, this has happened before…I spoke to a few people on Twitter, replied to a few Telegram messages and, you know, didn’t take too much action then. »

Is it enough for FatMan arguing a skillfully mounted coup by Do Kwon, SBF and others?

Details relating the de-peg successions of the UST since the night of last May 7 in this coinage page.

Kwon laments the existence of a ” mole ” in this story

If this external attack brought down TerraUST, it is certainly because of the existence of a « Elizabeth Holmes of crypto ” on the team. In a way, spies.

If you ask me if there was a mole at TFL the answer is probably yes “, he advanced.

But he also acknowledged the lack of vigilance on his part in the face of these vulnerabilities:

I, and I alone, am responsible for any weaknesses that may have been presented for a short seller to begin taking profits. »

What about the reactions of Internet users?

The 484 comments recorded by YouTube for this video viewed by 45,707 people reflect dissatisfaction with the way in which Zack Guzman conducted the interview.

To quote only that of Dutelatte:

They’re smiling and he’s so calm, you can tell his life hasn’t been affected as much as a lot of people who lost everything with UST being removed. They’re in a super cool office, with a great view, aaah what a nice life. »

On Twitter, the same Terra whistleblower FatManTerra pinned Guzman. The reason ? The lack of objectivity that would have restored the image of the father of Terra 1.0 and Terra 2.0.

Do, why not have done an interview with someone more neutral and respectable like Bloomberg or Fortune ? HASInstead of someone who’s been dangling things at you for years, almost like they’re paid? And are you going to address the question of the billions that you have taken out of the system? »

It will be necessary to wait for the second part to see how Zack Guzman will come out of this bad posture. Because on Twitter, he promised to address more specific issues. So stay connected!

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