Everyday Bitcoin (BTC): A hairdresser gets paid $10,000 instantly

We may call him “politically incorrect”, “misogynist” or even “borderline”, but he is doing very well financially. With $250 million in his pocket, ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate has clearly turned to cryptocurrency. To promote these assets, including their bitcoin king, this social media banisher does not hesitate to turn into a crypto influencer and share no less interesting videos.

Andrew Tate, a bank divorcee?

Andrew Tate makes his barber $10,000 rich in just seconds

Former professional kickboxer Andrew Tate pays young barber $10,000 in #bitcoins for a haircut. »

This video features a scene in which Tate transacts $10,000 in bitcoin for her hairdresser. The latter, who seems foreign to this technology, could not believe his eyes. $10,000 transmitted to a wallet in just a few seconds is what this disruptive technology actually offers. This speed of execution, however, is guaranteed by the Lightning Network or other similar devices.

Here’s why he hates banks:

If you’ve ever tried to send a million dollars, which I did through a bank, you’ll see the levels of bullshit you have to go through. It’s my money that I earned and I’m sending it to someone. But I have to go through weeks of papers and questions and bullshit. And it bounces and it’s stuck, then, new pieces of paper and letters from the tax authorities and interviews. »

So what with bitcoin?

I press two buttons, it costs me 35 cents and it’s done in three minutes. And there are too many people who have a lot of money, who are tired of banks. This is why bitcoin will never go down to zero. Because there are too many people with lots of money who don’t want to play these games, whether criminal or legitimate. Banks don’t like me trying to move my money. »

Fiat is “junk” for him.

Andrew Tate would be rich in bitcoins

Tate is said to have 111.11 BTC in his crypto wallet. These assets, he bought them when bitcoin was trading at $5,400. Multiplying those bitcoins with its 2021 ATH unit price of $69,000, those holdings were worth $7.6 million.

Now that bitcoin is trading at $17,000, he would only have about $2 million left. Except he is allowed to HODLER his bitcoins while waiting for the next bull run. It should also be noted that Andrew Tate also hasother sources of income : shows on kickboxing, casinos, tobacco exploitation, web partnerships, coaching, online university and crypto influencer activities.

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