Bitcoin in El Salvador: luxury car dealerships are getting started!

El Salvador taught us that a political decision to legalize bitcoin is not a quick game-changer. On the contrary, we must expect virulent criticism from the henchmen of Big Brother, a slow adoption of the population, or even attacks from the bear market. Nevertheless, Naiyb Bukele remains confident, and the Salvadoran people are gradually joining his vision of Bitcoin.

Buy Maseratis and Porsches in El Salvador with bitcoins

Well, it’s actually quite funny that they’ve only just started accepting bitcoin payment while living in a country that has made bitcoin legal tender since September 2021. Which is well over a year and six months now “, comments a twitto below the announcement of Bitcoin Magazine.

Said announcement specified that a Porsche and Maserati dealership in El Salvador is beginning to accept bitcoin.

Luxury cars in exchange for bitcoins in El Salvador

Bitcoin Beach, which is the tireless type when it comes to the democratization of bitcoin in El Salvador, tweeted, in two stages, a BTC transaction made by the influencer Roman Martinez.

Speed ​​of the transaction in BTC, the dealer was amazed

Want to buy a new vehicle in El Salvador with BTC? Roman Martinez.

I just sent an orange coin to one of the dealers in El Salvador and we bought a new 1.26 BTC Mahindra 4×4 for the project – The dealer was amazed at the ease of the transaction. »

To say that just recently, representative French Hill was criticizing the slowness of bitcoin transactions. A speech that earned him a shower of criticism from bitcoiners.

1 company 5 accepts it

Last April, Cointelegraph reported that bitcoin in El Salvador is beginning to gain traction. A study carried out by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) shows that 20% of Salvadoran companies have already done so.

11.4% of businesses have positive bitcoin sales “, underlines the NBER in its report.

These data were published in a context where the bitcoin law requires local economic players to integrate this new asset into their ecosystem. Let’s not forget that there was, after this decision, the launch of the Chivo Wallet.

According to the NBER, this crypto wallet has already attracted more than half of Salvadorans. But they were simply content to withdraw the bonus of 30 dollars offered after downloading this application. Like what, Nayib Bukele is far from having won his bet without giving up halfway.

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