Ethereum (ETH): September 15, the D-Day of the Merger?

The Merge or Fusion is an event that will change the course of the history of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. The crypto community (more specifically the Ethereum community) is eager to witness this transition from PoW to PoS. In a recent announcement, the tentative date for the Merger has been set between September 15 and 16. Recent data gives more details on this date.

The Merge on Ethereum could take place around September 15

According a tweet of Vitalik on August 12, “ the total difficulty of the terminal has been set to 587500000000000000000000“. Thereby,“the Ethereum PoW network now has a (roughly) fixed number of hashes to mine“. It turns out that the exact date of the Merger depends on the hashrate.

It must be said that the current hash rate on the network is 878.8 TH/s. With around 872.2 TH/s in the network, it will be possible to reach 5875 trillion hashes on Thursday, September 15th. In this context, the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain could move from Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus on September 15.

Recall that the migration of the Ethereum blockchain from PoW to PoS will allow it to solve its major problems. Indeed, with PoS, the blockchain will notably be able to overcome block congestion. It will succeed in improving its level of safety and its durability. The Merger will increase the potential of Ethereum both technologically and economically.

The date of the transition of Ethereum (ETH) from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake is becoming clearer. Indeed, the Merger could take place during the day of September 15. However, this date may change, as it all depends on the hashrate on the Ethereum network. In the meantime, the Ethereum community rejoices, as the various testnets have been successfully completed.

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