Ethereum (ETH): A company launches a solution to make it more fluid

What if we were slowly but surely moving towards a total overhaul of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain? In any case, this is what StarkWare, a company specializing in the scalability of blockchains, thinks. For StarkWare, Ethereum will become faster and above all more energy efficient thanks to the looming Fusion and also to new technologies like the one newly designed by its team of developers.

A new technology for Ethereum

“After enabling recursion this week, we now have the ability to aggregate tens of millions of non-fungible tokens in a single recursive proof, and therefore in a single Ethereum transaction”. This is the statement made by Eli Ben-Sasson, president and co-founder of StarkWare, in a press release provided to CoinDesk.

The director made it clear that this new technology will not be implemented for the moment. “We are not yet using recursive proof technology as it should be, but it is in place and as soon as the traffic deserves it, We will do it. This is what scaling blockchain is: building to avoid the bottlenecks of tomorrow.”

Operating mode

How does this new technology work? According to StarkWare, recursive proof technology, like zk-Rollups, initially lightens the load on the Ethereum mainchain. It does this by aggregating hundreds of off-chain transactions. Then she uses a network of validators to ensure that the data present in each packet is legitimate. However, recursive proof technology appears to perform better than zk-rollups in terms of the number of transactions supported.

To know a little more about zk-rollups

There is no doubt that this new technology, created by StarkWare, will attract many developers and venture capitalists, as was the case with zk-Rollups. As a reminder, the company had succeeded in raise a total of $100 million thanks to investors seduced by the advantages of these solutions.

StarkWare has developed a new technology known as recursive proofs with the aim of facilitating transactions on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, and with the aim of making it even better than it is. With this technology, the blockchain will be able to become faster, more reliable and more secure.

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