Ecoterra: Discover this new crypto

Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) is a new project that initiates the movement of Recycle-to-Earn (R2E). The idea is to create a recycling ecosystem where users bring back their empty bottles and containers after use.. They place them in terminals and pocket tokens for their action. The containers are then sold to recycling companies. Or to companies looking for recycled raw materials.

It was at the end of March that the project Ecoterra started its ICO. Ecoterra announced the creation of its startup in February. If the app is to go live in the fourth quarter, the first partnerships have already been signed.

Ecoterra, the first Recycle-to-Earn application

Thanks to the Ecoterra app, you can now link your recycling efforts to cryptocurrency rewards. Simply scan the barcode of a recyclable object such as a plastic bottle or an aluminum can. Then, to wait for instant correspondence with the Ecoterra database.

The application then indicates the nearest recycling station (RVM machine). You can drop off your containers there and get a printed receipt. By taking a picture of the receipt through the app, you will receive $ECOTERRA tokens or $USDT on your Ethereum address. It’s a simple and effective way to contribute to the environment.

Recycled containers sold to recycling and industry players

Once the containers have been recycled, Ecoterra plans to sell them to recycling and industry players. Indeed, the company is developing a recycling marketplace. That allows companies to request new supplies of recycled materials. Additionally, recyclers will meet these demands with materials that meet the specified criteria.

Thus, materials collected through the Recycle-to-Earn app will be resold. They will be resold to partners committed to protecting the environment and the circular economy. This will certainly appeal to textile brands. They try to reduce their consumption of virgin materials, often costly in environmental terms. The $ECOTERRA token is the cornerstone of this initiative: exchanges will indeed be systematically denominated in $ECOTERRA tokens.

An ICO performing well in just two weeks

The presale of Ecoterra started with a goal to raise up to $6.7 million. The project recorded the sale of 1 billion $ECOTERRA tokens. However, the team also set a target of $2 million, in the form of a soft cap. This will allow the lifting to be interrupted as soon as 30% of the tokens have been sold.

The ICO raised over $700,000 in two weeks. In addition, before the start of the presale, CEO Mihai Ciutureanu had announced that the first Ecoterra terminals would be installed in the Delhaize supermarkets (the brand is number 1 in Belgium, and has 3,500 stores in 30 countries).

The ICO got a boost after it was announced that Vittel and San Pellegrino bottles and Heineken and Dr Pepper cans were added to recyclable containers.

Will projects combining blockchain and ecology lead the next bull run?

The demand is growing stronger for ecological solutions. Consumers are increasingly aware of their environmental impact and are looking for solutions to reduce their footprint. Green projects such as Ecoterra are responding to this and could see their popularity increase in an upcoming bull run.

The potential of blockchain is also obvious for recycling. She can help trace and verify the authenticity of recycled materials, which is crucial to ensure the transparency so sought after by brands. By using blockchain, Ecoterra can help make recycling easier by providing a decentralized platform for tracking and managing materials.

Investors are increasingly looking to invest in projects that have a virtuous impact on the environment. This is a component of Ecoterra planned for 2024: allowing users to use their $ECOTERRA tokens to finance certified ecological projects, directly in the mobile application.

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