Dogecoin (DOGE) case: Elon Musk's lawyers counterattack

The battle is raging between Elon Musk’s lawyers and those of the Dogecoin plaintiffs right now. If on the one hand, the dissatisfied with the ” insider trading” of Tesla boss move heaven and earth to defeat him in court, the opposing legal team spares no effort to undermine their plan. According to the latest news, Musk’s lawyers have requested the rejection of the request of their opponents.

Elon Musk’s lawyers challenge the judge

Last week, lawyers for the Dogecoin plaintiffs launched a motion for disqualification of Elon Musk and Tesla. This was motivated by the disclosure of a letter introduced by Alex Spiro, the billionaire’s lawyer, on June 9. This letter would in fact demonstrate breaches of ethics rules and would testify to a potential risk of corruption of the trial.

In a recent article on Cointelegraph, Elon Musk’s lawyers responded to this motion via a legal filing. The latter have, on occasion, asked the judge to dismiss the request of Mr. Evan Spencer.

In said document, Musk and Tesla’s team pointed to the lack of merit in Spencer’s claim. ” Unfounded ” And ” frivolous », this recourse would be « a waste of time for this court “.

Spencer’s request […] is a gross abuse of process, another fanciful work of fiction by Spencer in a long series of such pleadings, a waste of time for this Court, and an insult to the undersigned attorneys, respected members of the bar of this Court and recently admitted by the Court pro hac vice”, can we read in the file.

Alex Spiro’s team also pointed the finger at Evan Spencer’s frivolity with regard to the rrule 11. This regular of the Court would excel in the filing of childish requests who have no other goal than delay court proceedings.

Evan Spencer slams apologists

The request filed by Evan Spencer on June 27 is not one to caress Musk’s lawyers in the direction of the hair. This litigant had in fact gone so far as to call them ” blessed-yes-yes “. In his eyes, if this team represents both Tesla and his boss, there is certainly conflict of interest.

Defense attorneys are acting in this case as concurrent representatives of both defendants, when their true loyalty lies only with Elon Musk,” he specified.

An opinion that Musk’s lawyers do not share given that the new york law does not allow this kind of distinction.

It should be noted that this case is strongly correlated to allegations of insider trading perpetrated by Elon Musk. The latter would have manipulated the price of DOGE to offer himself gains of up to 124 million dollars. The crypto community is eagerly awaiting the outcome of this case.

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