Bitcoin and global warming: Mining down 21% at Marathon Digital

In the crypto sector, nature can seem remote and indifferent to the electronic buzz of bitcoin transactions and miners. However, a reality as tangible as the climate has just left its indelible mark on this virtual world.

The Climate Bite on Bitcoin

In the electronic bowels of the bitcoin mines, the fire of action never wanes. Here, the miners of the company Marathon Digital, among the most prolific, tirelessly hammer the digital rock, in search of the precious virtual currency.

But last June, according to globenewswire, a shadow came to cool the ardor of these indefatigable miners. Indeed, a shadow like the searing heat that swept across Texas, pushing the mercury up by 8.4 degrees Fahrenheit on average, of 75.6 in May to 84 in June.

Far from being a simple summer nuisance, this heat peak had a significant impact on Marathon Digital’s activities, causing a 21% drop in bitcoin mined compared to May.

Added to this is a drop in transaction fees, which have gone from 11.8% of total bitcoin earned in May to around 5.1% in June. A delicate situation that reminds us how much the digital world remains dependent on the implacable laws of physics.

When bitcoin is under the influence of Nature

This is not the first time that nature has challenged bitcoin mining activities. Last February, the cryptomining company Riot Platforms had to take offline 17,040 of its platforms due to “harsh winter weather” in Texas.

The Texas climate, changing from spring to summer, is a reality that these cryptocurrency companies have to face. So, despite being immersed in the digital sector, bitcoin and those who mine it cannot escape the grip of the climate. A reminder that even in the frantic race for digital, nature always has a say.

The future: Between climate challenges and optimism

Despite these climatic challenges, Marathon Digital keeps an eye resolutely on the future, affirming its confidence in the mining economy. The company certainly recognizes the impact of weather conditions on its production, but also emphasizes the importance of the evolution of the Bitcoin network.

Thus, the arrival of Bitcoin Ordinals in May caused transaction fees to rise, while network congestion eased in June. This complex panorama paints a dynamic picture of the bitcoin mining industry, at the intersection of technology and the environment. An image that will undoubtedly continue to evolve with climate variations and technological innovations, with players like Marathon Digital ready to ride these waves of change.

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