X (Twitter): From crypto banking to a unique dating site - Tinder's future rival?

Although Elon Musk has not yet expressed his intention to create his own crypto, he nevertheless aspires to radically transform his X platform (formerly Twitter). In a world where the boundaries between social networks, financial services and dating platforms are clearly established, the visionary Elon Musk aims to unify them by transforming X into a versatile application.

X: A Future Tinder or Badoo?

Since Elon Musk acquired and renamed Twitter to X, the platform has undergone multiple transformations. During a video call with employees to celebrate the anniversary of this acquisition, Musk revealed his plans to launch a dating feature by 2024.

Although the details are still uncertain, the introduction of a “meeting” category, using geolocation, is under study. An important question remains: will X go the Tinder or Badoo route? Additionally, how will this new feature fit into X’s current user experience?

The prospect of monetization appears to be a key motivation for this new functionality. With the potential addition of this “meetings” section to the paid offer, the X Premium subscription (formerly Twitter Blue) could attract a larger number of subscribers.

Despite its current advantages, this subscription is difficult to convince. L‘introduction of a reserved “Meeting” section could prove to be the solution to encourage more users to opt for this paid option.

X, a platform with diversified ambitions

Beyond the dating sphere, Dogecoin crypto fan Musk has ambitious plans to turn X into an online banking platform.

It aims for X to operate as a banking institution from next year, integrating financial services and payment solutions. Even if X’s management has not yet reacted to these projects, this diversification could be seen as an attempt to revitalize the platform, particularly after a significant loss of value that it suffered post-acquisition.

According to Forbes, changing the name “Twitter” had major financial consequences. This action would have potentially devalued the platform, resulting in an estimated loss of $20 billion in value.

In addition, Musk plans to add video features of quality comparable to YouTube to X and make them accessible on smart TVs. These diversified ambitions position X as a multi-faceted platform, although uncertainty remains over the realization of these projects.

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