Cryptos: Four technologies that could skyrocket prices according to ChatGPT

Several analysts had predicted that ChatGPT conversational AI could positively impact the crypto industry. The tool has been put to the test for prediction work regarding the possibilities for crypto price growth. Here is his prediction.

ChatGPT Predicts a Crypto Boom Based on Four Emerging Technologies

Despite all the controversy it’s garnering, the ChatGPT conversational AI is still useful to say the least. Indeed, artificial intelligence has been subjected to predictive analysis opportunities for crypto market growth.

Overall, ChatGPT joins a number of crypto analysts who notably foresee the explosion of prices in the coming months. The tool estimates that such a possibility is possible for the next five years. However, it will depend on certain factors.

For the most part, these are technological and are basically four in number. The first factor that ChatGPT predicts will play a role in the next crypto uptrend is quantum computing. Or let’s put it another way, the mastery of quantum computing which the chatbot claims poses a threat to the crypto industry.

If for AI quantum computing is a problem, it is because it can break the cryptographic mechanisms of use in cryptocurrency. This prospect would therefore be a potential threat to security, necessitating in-depth research on the issue.

Technological security is precisely the second element whose improvement would have an impact on the explosion of cryptos according to ChatGPT. Technologies like zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), secure multi-party computation (MPC), and homomorphic encryption would provide this perspective.

The relevance of the latter would nevertheless be reinforced with the fine-tuning of the interoperability protocols. This third element of ChatGP’s prediction improved data transfer between different blockchain networks. This, by facilitating transparent communication. With, finally, scaling solutions like Layer 2 solution, ChatGPT sees transaction throughput increase. While, at the same time, costs are reduced.

All this includes, despite its relevance, a large part of speculation which must be accounted for. Not to mention that the crypto market is one of the most volatile markets.

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