Crypto: Digital assets at the heart of a political conflict

Despite the onset of the crypto winter and its negative impact on prices, consumers globally have multiplied. While many people are happy with the pace of adoption of digital assets, some remain skeptical that mass adoption is imminent. A position that is justified by certain factual data. This is the case of Maja Vujinovic, founder and CEO of OGroup, a financial services company focused on artificial intelligence and blockchain.

What conditions must be met for the mass adoption of cryptos?

In an interview given Forkast, Maja Vujinovic spoke about the future of digital assets. For her, decentralized finance (DeFi) still has major innovations to achieve before it can go beyond traditional finance. Moreover, she remains convinced that the world is still a long way from mass adoption cryptos. This ideal, she continues, is only achievable with a thorough evaluation of the technology. blockchain itself, so that it is optimal. The same goes for infrastructure, protocols and applications. This will make cryptos easier and faster to use.

In addition, Ms Vujinovic addressed the importance of guarantee a better security for users cryptos. This, she says, would lead to an exponential growth in the rate of adoption worldwide.

“We need stronger regulation and consumer protection. Indeed, many people embark on this activity without knowing anything. At the end of the day, it is the retail trade that suffers”added the manager.

Particular emphasis was placed by the business manager on the protection of consumers in emerging markets. She says these are areas where people don’t necessarily confidence in their previous and current banking systems. Besides, this is something that represents an opportunity for the crypto industry to seize, she said.

Several unfortunate events marked the crypto industry at the beginning of the current year. Among these are the bankruptcy of some players in the sector, scams, and the fall in asset prices, which has seriously affected small consumers. For Maja Vujinoc, these events have created a wave of distrust which, in time, will constitute a limiting factor for the mass adoption of cryptos. It is therefore necessary for her, to guarantee security for market players and to improve the blockchain to hope for a massive adoption of digital assets.

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