Rugby: Test transformed for OVAL3!

OVAL3 is a brand specialized in Web3 and rugby, and it has just won the consultation launched by the National Rugby League (LNR). It is therefore awarded the global NFT Cards offer for professional rugby, from the 2022/2023 season. This allocation of TOP 14 and PRO D2 licenses will allow OVAL3 and the LNR to bring rugby into the world of NFTs and Play & Own and conquer new audiences keen on immersive experiences and the Web. 3.0.

Oval3, big winner of the NRL consultation

In order to invest in the NFT market and position French professional rugby as a major player in this rapidly developing sector, the LNR and its Economic Development and Innovation Commission (CDEI) launched a consultation with NFT market players on May 23 last.

This provided for the allocation of the marketing of NFT cards for the 30 professional clubs of TOP 14 and PRO D2 as well as the 1,500 players under professional or hopeful contracts. The NRL has decided to grant these rights to OVAL3 for 3 seasons until 2025.

“We believe in the power of NFTs to engage and expand the community of fans of our championships, in France and beyond. We are entering the digital world of NFTs with an offer that reflects our sport and its values: a flawless collective with the 30 professional clubs involved, solidarity in the redistribution of income and an enhanced fan experience, with a expert actor, Bamg Sports”, commented Emmanuel Eschalier, Director General of the LNR.

Rugby immerses itself in the world of NFTs and Web 3.0

OVAL3 is a large-scale digital project developed by Bamg Sports, a world reference company since the creation of the game Fantasy Rugby World. Bamg Sports is supported in this project by renowned Web3 companies, Era2140, a Web 3.0 Venture Studio, Markchain, a Web 3.0 communication agency, and Pyratz Labs, an incubator.

OVAL3 and the LNR aim to project the 30 French professional clubs into the heart of Web 3.0, and offer fans and gamers an immersive web and mobile fantasy game that will combine rugby with NFTs and address the codes of current gaming. on a Play & Own model.

It is a great pride for us to collaborate with the League within the OVAL3 project. We are fortunate to be able to combine our passion for this sport and our expertise in Web 3.0 to carry out an ambitious and particularly innovative project. Following on from the success of our game Fantasy Rugby World (FRW), we want to support rugby fans, gamers and French rugby players in a unique immersive experience based on the best of the Web. 3.0 », says Tony Bouquier, CEO of Bamg Sports.

So it is indeed a transformed test for OVAL3 and the National Rugby League, and we don’t know about you, but on our side, we can’t wait to find out what the future holds for them. To not miss anything of the future news of OVAL3, you can visit their websiteand follow them on Twitter and instagram.

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