Crypto: The skeptics in battle order

Like all innovative technologies and vectors of change, criticism continues to abound against cryptos. In recent years, crypto-skeptics have largely organized themselves on social media. They have just organized a first rally around their ideology and intend to start the fight against the crypto lobby.

A Think Tank to counter the breakthrough of cryptos?

About forty crypto-skeptics gathered in London on September 5 and 6, during an international symposium called Crypto Policy Symposium. There are scientists, politicians, experts in computer technologies, as well as journalists from all over the world.

Their objective is to better organize themselves to alert on the “deviations” of the sector and promote its regulation. To that end, they have created the Center for Emerging Technology Policy, a think tank that will thwart pro-crypto lobbying.

The attendees believe that the industry is a predatory economy and that world leaders must be alerted for this purpose. They add that opposing it is democratic.

Remember that this is the first gathering of this type in the world. Conversely, there are countless events that aim to promote the democratization of cryptos.

It should be noted that the participants highlighted the flaws in the sector, in particular the scams and bankruptcies. They discussed the collapse of TERRA (Luna), the liquidation of Three Arrows Capital, the Celsius Network situation, etc.

Determined participants

“We are a small group of dissidents facing an industry worth trillions of dollars. »explained Stephen Diehl, computer engineer specialized in finance and co-organizer of the event, according to remarks reported by The world. “But we hope to weigh because our action is in the direction of the general interest. »he added.

For David Gerard, a computer scientist and author of an incriminating trial against the blockchain, the crypto industry is dangerous. He explained this at length in his book titled Attack of The 50 Foot Blockchain.

“Their only innovation is to industrialize fraud at such a speed that regulators will always be taken aback”he said.

On social networks, Internet users have criticized the absence of pro crypto activists from the event.

Crypto-skeptics want to boost the fight against lobbies cryptos. They will meet around a Think Tank, in order to better coordinate their actions. These generally consist of better inform and alert to ” dangers “ and risks related to digital assets.

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