Shiba Inu (SHIB): Close to the moon?

The Shiba Inu metaverse team welcomes a new member: Brandie Konopasek. On Twitter, she announced her new position, which sparked some interest from the Shiba community.

Brandie Konopasek: Who is it?

Brandie Konopasek spent more than five years working in Netflix’s post-production management team. Prior to joining Netflix, this entertainment industry veteran worked for five years for media and entertainment company Technicolor as a digital intermediate producer. She has worked with big names in the industry throughout her 15 year career. Among them, the Mexican cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, winner of an Oscar and known to have been at the direction of the film “Birdman”.

Ms Konopasek says getting to know the Shiba Inu team was an “exciting experience”. She adds that the community behind the project has a “breathtaking vision”. However, nothing has been revealed about his next role. In view of his expertise in management, a key position should be entrusted to him.

Shiba Inu: rapid and significant growth

The project seems to be expanding rapidly and consistently. The Shiba Inu team presented their long-awaited Metaverse project during the month of March 2022. This aims to compete with Decentraland, the blockchain and metaverse platform that allows the acquisition of virtual land. At the end of May, the Shiba Inu team recruited another former Technicolor executive, Marcie Jastrow. The idea is thus to strengthen its Metaverse project through partnerships with brands.

The project then teamed up with The Third Floor (TTF), a visualization company known for helping to make “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Wonder Woman,” and other Marvel blockbusters. A few weeks ago the Shiba Inu team released a full update on the Metaverse development process. She announced the realization of the WAGMI Temple, which will be one of the poles of the Metaverse. The team drew inspiration from the architecture of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China, Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan, and other famous sites. The temple will offer experiences such as yoga and zen.

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