Bitcoin (BTC): Update on the long-term situation

Bitcoin (BTC) is the very first cryptocurrency in history. Created in 2009, it is also the most popular and the one with the highest market capitalization. Its ATH reached in November 2021 at $69,045 has made it a little more in the annals. But, to better understand the evolution of the king of cryptos, we must go back. Ten years ago, bitcoin was not as valuable as it is today.

The value of Bitcoin (BTC) from 2012 to 2022

Bitcoin has broken several records in 10 years

There are regrets that can follow an investor for a lifetime. For example, if you had invested in bitcoin 10 years ago, you would certainly be rich now. For the record, before 2011, the first digital currency was worth less than a dollar. It is only in February of the following year that bitcoin, for the first time, crossed parity with the dollar.

Ten years later, still in February, the price of the first virtual currency finally crossed $50,000. A few months later, the best digital currency reaches its ATH with a value of 69,045 dollars. The sequel will be less bright with a price that will plunge throughout 2022. The average price of each BTC in April was 45,528 dollars, it fell to 31 dollars in May. Since July, its average value has been below $21. So if you had invested $1,000 in bitcoins in 2012, today you would have fortune over $1,930,000.

Back to some key dates of the king of cryptos since 2012

To start with, 2012 was a pretty quiet year for bitcoin as the value of the coin stagnated a lot. This is also explained by the scarcity of platforms offering the currency at this time. A year later, in 2013, it would find its ATH at the time with a value of over $1,000, which was as much as gold before dropping to $600. In 2014, several businesses began to accept payments in BTC, good news that will allow the price to be capped at 1,150 dollars.

The next two years rhyme with the announcement of Brexit and inevitably, bitcoin remained very volatile. 2017 will mark a turning point for cryptocurrencies, since the media are beginning to show interest in them. The best cryptocurrency will even reach a value of $20,000. After two difficult years in 2018 and 2019, Bitcoin is bouncing back in 2020. This period coincides with the desire for investors to find alternative means of payment.

The year 2021 is certainly the most important in history, the queen of digital currencies with its ATH in November. 2022 will be less interesting, the fault of a bear market which continues to shake the whole universe of cryptos and Bitcoin in particular.


From 2012 to 2022, bitcoin continued to progress and break several records. If only one date had to be remembered, it would be November 10, 2021, the day bitcoin reached its highest historical value. Despite a difficult year 2022, we must remain optimistic, because Bitcoin has accustomed us to reversals of situations.

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