Crypto: Telegram launches a P2P exchange

After the launch of Wallet Bot in April, Telegram goes even further and now offers users to make direct purchases. Discover Telegram’s new P2P crypto exchange, its features and benefits.

A fully anonymous P2P crypto exchange

The crypto ecosystem is expanding a little more every day, and this time it’s Telegram’s turn to make its grand entrance into the circle of exchanges. Indeed, if the platform has always been known for dialogues and information sharing, it has recently entered a new phase. Blockworks has announcement yesterday the launch of Telegram’s P2P crypto exchange.

The particularity ? Users will now be able to trade directly with each other. In addition, the exchanges are completely anonymous. However, traders will still need to share their mobile number with the bot. The rules are quite simple for trading. To sell, users will need to make a special in-app announcement.

Then, buyers will only have to choose from the various listings available. But as in all exchanges, a key question cannot be missing, that of the commission. To facilitate trading between users, the exchange platform charges a 0.9% commission on all sales transactions. However, purchases will be made with zero commission.

Wallet Bot, the precursor of the project

Last April, independent developers Toncoin (TON) launched crypto payment options on Telegram via a Wallet Bot. A few months after this project worked, Telegram is back in force with its P2P crypto exchange to complete the work of the Wallet Bot.

Indeed, the latter only authorized the purchase of cryptocurrencies from a predetermined supplier and the sending to other wallets. With this integration, the game changes radically and users can now perform direct operations between them.

During this time, the bot’s exchange service will act as a guarantor for each transaction. However, there is another solution, a dispute resolution process in the event of a disagreement between seller and buyer.

The crypto sector continues to fascinate people and every day, we see proof of it. Even though crypto prices are still down from all-time highs, the recovery is taking place gradually. Telegram has understood this well and the launch of this P2P crypto exchange will open up new perspectives for followers of digital assets.

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