Crypto scam: SEC alerts investors

More than 2,000 billion dollars in crypto have been hacked this year, a record since the creation of bitcoin (BTC) in 2009. Faced with all these internet scams, the authorities of various countries are taking tailor-made measures to remedy them. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) multiplies arrests and warnings against all forms of fraud. She warns investors to be extra vigilant, because there are many scammers on social networks. The SEC therefore invites traders to be wary of offers that are too juicy, these could be decoys.

SEC warns against crypto scammers on social networks

Social networks, the new eldorado of crypto scams

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is on all fronts to eradicate the crypto scam on social networks. It’s fair game, in this year when crypto piracy has reached unprecedented heights. In her line of sight, this time she is targeting scammers on the Internet and exchanges. The SEC warns crypto investors: “ If a crypto investment opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is. »

The modus operandi of fraudsters is quite simple, build trust to steal better then. In the wake of the SEC, theOffice of Investor Education and Advocacy specifies that : ” fraudsters often use social media to scam investors “. To achieve their ends, they encourage investors to be afraid. This is why the organization advises to “never make investment decisions based solely on information from social media platforms or apps “.

The SEC is a whistleblower against crypto fraudsters

This is not the SEC’s first outing regarding the organized cryptocurrency scam via social networks. In early August, she charged nearly 11 people in a $300 million scam. Apparently, these alleged crooks have played a role, in one way or another, within a ponzi scheme in crypto. This despicable act would have allowed them to steal the tidy sum of 300 million dollars in cryptos. They were targeting not only US investors, but also those around the world.

According to the SEC, it is important to take a number of steps before investing in a field as complex as that of cryptocurrencies. It is necessary to fully understand the workings of the industry and verify the veracity of the histories, the licenses and even the registration status of all the people who propose to you to make an investment. is the approved site for researching contacts.


The SEC in its fight against the organized cryptocurrency scam warns investors. She invites them to be vigilant, because scammers are more and more present on social networks. His advice is simple, avoid overly juicy offers and focus on prior background checks of Internet users making these offers. Finally, the SEC emphasizes the need to understand how cryptocurrencies work before investing.

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