Crypto: PEPE and FLOKI enter Binance

After an impressive journey, memecoins PEPE and FLOKI are finally making their debut on Binance. The new listings triggered a rise in prices for both assets. The exchange has also provided other features for the two crypto-memes.

Binance Lists PEPE and FLOKI in the Innovation Zone

The popular crypto memes of the moment are finally making their debut on the biggest crypto exchange Binance. The latter also revealed that PEPE and FLOKi will be listed in the innovation zone. This is one more step towards supporting memecoins from the exchange. Transactions for these two cryptos will thus begin on Saturday, May 6 while PEPE and FLOKI coin deposits are already available as of today.

These cryptocurrencies are also listed for spot trading across four pairs. These are the pairs PEPE/USDT, PEPE/TUSDT, FLOKI/USDT, and FLOKI/TUSD. Besides, Binance reveals that it plans to allow borrowing on the two samecoins. The new margin pairs for PEPE and FLOKI will therefore be available on isolated margin. The exchange plans to add them in the next 48 hours.

Both Cryptos Showed a Price Rise

Investors seem to be reacting positively to these new listings as both assets have shown a price rally. Since Binance’s announcement, PEPE has reached a new high of $0.0000028 crossing the $1 billion mark in market capitalization. As for FLOKI, it is also up 60% over the past day. Both memecoins also saw an increase in trading volume as the listings sparked a surge in activity.

However, the victory actually goes to PEPE. Indeed, this crypto is barely a month old but has already multiplied by more than 25,000. Binance has led the way and it will not be long before other exchanges are also interested in it. Also, it should be noted that these memecoins had already called Binance before in order to list the tokens. But the exchange has been silent on this, so far. Investors will be able to trade these cryptos from May 6, as some speculate the approaching memecoin season.

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