Apple co-founder says AI 'wants to kill you'

In a recent interview, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak didn’t mince words when describing Tesla’s artificial intelligence (AI). According to him, the AI ​​“tries to kill you whenever it can”.

The ephemeral seduction of Elon Musk’s marketing discourse

It is often said that “all that glitters is not gold”, and it seems that Steve Wozniak experienced this with the promises of Elon Musk. While the latter does not hesitate to criticize the inflation policy of central banks, the co-founder of Apple returns the favor by denouncing the gap between the promises and the reality of AI Tesla.

On the chain CNN’s YouTube, Steve Wozniak mentioned he was twice charmed by Elon Musk’s enticing promises of AI and autonomous driving. However, these fine assurances quickly turned into disappointment for the co-founder of Apple.

The first time, Wozniak invested $50,000 in a Tesla, believing Musk’s promises that it could cross the country without human assistance by the end of 2016. Unfortunately, the reality was far from this bold prediction.

Wozniak succumbed to the charms of Musk’s marketing pitch again in 2018, when he announced a new eight-camera-equipped model that could cross the United States. Once again, promises have not been kept.

Tesla’s AI, a danger on wheels?

According to Wozniak, Tesla’s AI is a “study of AI gone wrong” that “tries to kill you whenever it can”. An alarming observation, to say the least, which adds to his disappointment with Musk’s broken promises.

Despite his harsh criticism, Wozniak and Musk share common concerns about the rapid development of artificial intelligence systems. They both signed an online petition calling on OpenAI to suspend development of any system smarter than GPT-4 for six months.

The concerns raised by Wozniak and Musk are not unfounded, since GPT-4 is already capable of impressive and sometimes disturbing technological feats. It is essential to oversee the development of these technologies to prevent potential abuses.

Although AI has enormous potential to revolutionize our world, it is crucial to remain vigilant in the face of the dangers it can also pose. However, AI cryptos are not waiting for regulation and have taken advantage of it to rise significantly for some time.

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