Crypto: Here's how to create your own wallet tracking tool in Excel!

To succeed in the financial markets, investors must do good analysis, stay informed of price movements or follow their portfolios. To achieve this, they can resort to applications, but these are not always reliable and may not be adapted to the specific needs of each investor. One of the best solutions is to create your own wallet tracking tool, and Microsoft Excel makes this task easy.

The procedure to import stock and crypto data into Excel

To maximize your profits in crypto, it is imperative to analyze market fluctuations and use this data wisely. To retrieve stock market price data in Excel, one must first create a spreadsheet and label it “Stocks”. Cell A1 will be devoted to the investor’s actions and related data. Then click on “Data”, highlight the data row and choose “Stocks”.

The last step is to click on “Insert data”, then select the parameters for which you want to obtain information. It can be the price, the market capitalization or even the ticker. New sections therefore appear for each parameter and are filled in automatically.

The process for importing data into the crypto market is just as simple. The investor must use Excel’s “Web data” functionality and must connect to CoinGecko’s cryptocurrency API endpoint.

The guide to designing a tracker for your wallet

You can also create a portfolio tracker in Excel. It will allow you to keep an eye on your profits and losses. You can use the ”VLOOKUP” formula to design your performance monitoring tool and customize it according to your needs and preferences.

Try to set up chart visualizations properly for a smooth and enjoyable experience. To achieve this, simply select the appropriate cells, click on the “Insert” tab, and then choose the “Recommended Charts” option.

Congratulation ! You’ve taken a giant step towards success in the cryptocurrency space by creating your own portfolio tracker in Excel. Also remember to secure your cryptos to protect them from hacker attacks and make your adventure in the financial markets beautiful.

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