Crypto: Flux and Davidson Consulting are preparing a blockchain meetup in France

The companies Flux and Davidson Consulting have decided to join forces to organize a conference on the blockchain which will take place in less than two weeks in France.

The crypto Flux (FLUX), a new challenger?

First of all, Flux represents an ecosystem that offers a multitude of decentralized computing services and blockchain solutions. The network uses blockchain to ensure transparency in operations and is powered by a cryptocurrency called FLUX. It works through Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus via masternodes. As for Davidson Consulting, it is a management consulting and technological expertise company. Founded in 2005, the company is very present in France and is currently developing in several countries including Switzerland and Spain.

A crypto meetup in France

According a tweet of Monsieur-TK Mining on September 9, “part of the Flux team is coming to France for a conference in two weeks“. The company intends to collaborate with Davidson Consulting to present the usefulness of blockchain technology for companies. The meetup will be held in Lille on September 22. Flux co-founder Daniel Keller will speak during the event to demonstrate the usefulness of Web3.

Tweet – Mr.-TK Mining September 9

Daniel Keller also intends to present the actions carried out by Flux to provide a decentralized and professional infrastructure. He will explain how companies can take advantage of this new blockchain technology. In addition, the conference will bring together several developers from the world of cryptos, but also companies.

France will host a blockchain conference on September 22, in Lille. This meeting organized by Flux and Davidson Consulting promises to be a success. In this regard, Sylvain Lavazais of Davidson Consulting recently said: “France is rapidly becoming a new epicenter of tech innovation and we are pleased to partner with Flux, along with Daniel Keller, to guide some of our country’s most successful companies looking to thrive in the Web3 space“.

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