Crypto: Fidelity Digital Assets Announces 2022 Study Results

Since 2018, Fidelity Digital Assets has conducted an annual study to understand the perceptions as well as the approaches of institutional investors towards digital assets (including crypto). The official announcement was released on October 27, 2022: the results of the 2022 study are finally available. Results that reveal new information!

Fidelity Digital Assets announces that the results of the studies conducted this year 2022 are available

Adoption of digital assets and crypto increased in 2022

The first important information revealed on the website of Fidelity Digital Assets is about digital asset adoption. Against all expectations, the study indeed shows that the adoption of digital assets is on an upward trend this year:

  • 42% in the United States: a gain of 9 points compared to the previous year
  • 67% in Europe: a gain of 11 points compared to the previous year

However, the opposite effect is observed in Asia. The adoption of digital assets and crypto has seen a slight decline in the majority of Asian countries. It should be noted, however, that Asian institutional investors remain in first place when it comes to the acceptance of digital assets, based on the regions.

Barriers to Adoption of Digital Assets

The majority of institutional investors interviewed agree on one point: price volatility is the number one barrier to digital asset adoption. While some also mentioned the risks of market complexity, others emphasized the risk of market valuation. By this we mean the risk of paying a lot for an asset (especially for a crypto).

Another important data collected during the 2022 study carried out by Fidelity Digital Assets: more than a third of investors fear the risks of market manipulation, thus preventing them from fully accepting crypto.

The Fidelity Digital Assets 2022 study isn’t just about the adoption of crypto and other digital assets. It also addresses the perception of digital assets by investors. The full summary of the main findings of this study is now publicly available. Just download it here. Good reading !

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