The Sandbox: Gucci launches into NFTs and the metaverse

The famous luxury brand has just launched an experimental space for NFTs in The Sandbox. She hopes to become a reference in the metaverse market, while seeking a more specific clientele..

Gucci, a pioneering fashion brand in the metaverse

If Gucci is not the first brand to invest luniverse of The Sandbox (Samsung, Adidas, Nike did it before her), she is on the other hand the first fashion company to launch. The famous luxury brand thus confirms its interest in NFTs. She had already published a few in 2021.

Baptized ” Gucci Vault Land », this virtual space opens its doors until November 9th. According to the magazine vogue, it will house works of art in the form of NFTs, but also a garden concept accessible to metaverse players. The brand wishes to exhibit its historical pieces there. But for now, these vintage items are not open for sale. It will also organize mini-games which will allow win SANDs, the cryptocurrency of The Sandbox.

Gucci announces Gucci Vault, a virtual space dedicated to NFTs on The Sandbox

NFTs to collect

By investing in this virtual real estate concession, the company is pursuing the same strategy as with Roblox (a “sandbox” video game very popular with teenagers). Gucci bets on a fun experience to promote the brand and its history. Thus, a number of quests will be available. They will make it possible to collect NFT which can be carried in other areas of The Sandbox : accessories, vehicles, avatars. A way of retain players and meet a different audience.

Gucci Vault could thus pave the way for other brands. However, a certain part of The Sandbox community had already protested against the commodification of the metaverse, as during the implementation of Samsung. Not enough to discourage one of the most successful luxury companies. In May 2022, the CEO of Gucci said that “Gucci is not afraid to be a trendsetter in many areas and will continue to embrace this mindset and challenge the status quo. “. With Gucci VaultGucci is therefore taking a step closer to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

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