Crypto: Elrond (EGLD) still more decentralized?

DeFi products are currently enjoying huge success. This is why the public is always looking for innovation in this area. All blockchains work hard to meet user needs and expectations. It is with this in mind that Elrond has set up Jungle DEX. It meets the expectations of users wishing to explore new Web3 horizons. Focused on reliability, speed and scalability, Jungle DEX is waiting for you to explore again.

The presentation of Jungle DEX

Jungle DEX is Elrond’s new decentralized exchange. As a reminder, as indicated on the site, Elrond is a public platform that operates at high speed. Today, it is renowned for its reliability, efficiency and scalability.

Jungle DEX, is an AMM (Auto Market Maker) platform that offers liquidity. More explicitly, it allows its users to trade cryptocurrency independently.

On Jungle DEX it is possible to list and trade all the tokens ESDT. The ESDT standard or Elrond Standard Digital Token (ESDT) represents a standard represented inside the Elrond ecosystem. The DEX offers the possibility for many users to buy new tokens. This is the opportunity to access a new Launchpad and discover new blockchain projects.

Jungle DEX adopts a new listing process for building open communities. The platform plans to soon opt for a fully automatic and authorization-free validation. This should make it easy for every project within the Elrond blockchain to create a market for its token and reach new audiences. This new process reduces restrictions, related to volumes for example.

Introducing Elrond (EGLD)

Even if the constraints have been minimized on this platform, some conditions are required. First of all, in order to be able to reference a token, it is imperative to be the owner. Moreover, the token must be marked. In other words, it must have a logo. The information concerning him must also be complete. Finally, the match is made with the USDC.

The initial liquidity that a project leader must have is at least 20,000 USDC, including 10,000 USDC with the corresponding amount of the token. The exchange fee is 1%.

Conclusion :

Jungle DEX presents itself as a space to fully explore innovation Web3. It is an experimental platform with simplified and less rigorous registration rules. But the most important thing is that Jungle DEX lists and allows to exchange all the tokens ESDT.

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