Crypto: CZ laments sales at rock bottom

Binance CEO thinks “ sad ” for cryptocurrency investors who are parting with their assets in this context of bear run. A large number of them indeed believe that selling would be the best alternative to face the crypto winter and inflation.

Cryptocurrency crisis and bottom sales

The crypto winter that is currently raging is not sparing whales or small cryptocurrency investors. During the month of July, Tesla parted with a large portion of its Bitcoin holdings. Surely, small investors adopt the same practice.

But CZ does not approve of it. Thus, he tweeted the following message on his Twitter account yesterday:

I am sad for those who sold at the bottom. »

Words worthy of the CEO of Binance, the one who did not fail to affirm that he and his company also have already prepared for the “ crypto winter “.

When to sell your cryptos?

If CZ is sorry for the untimely sales of the crypto assets, you should know of the existence of some parameters to consider before deciding so.

First, panic selling cryptocurrency is not advised at all. Indeed, many investors buy their assets at a high level and then sell when prices collapse. However, the regret only arrives after rebound of these last.

But selling is not at all taboo either. The savvy ones normally put some of their holdings up for sale and then profit from an upswing.

Mark Yusko, CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Management, meanwhile advises never to sell bitcoin, as they look like stocks on Amazon.

Certainly, the current situation leads us to decide on a sale of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. But we must admit that we are not at our first bearish trend in the entire history of these assets. Go ask how they experience this situation in the Shiba Inu community. Those who are dreaming of an upcoming moon landing.

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