Crypto: Coinbase creates federation of infant industry advocates

There democratization of cryptocurrencies is everyone’s business. As a major player in this industry still in search of legitimacyCoinbase is not shy about uniting global crypto advocates around the “Stand with Crypto” movement. This in order to appeal to political decision-makers. Thus, the American giant thinks of accelerating the recognition of these assets throughout the world.

“Stand with Crypto” was a success

The dark clouds darkening Coinbase’s skies right now aren’t stopping it from moving forward. The American giant at war with the SEC, never stopped inventing. One of his recent inventions is called Basea layer 2 blockchain that has made the promoters of BALD particularly happy.

Report from the Stand with Crypto meeting in New York City

Last night we heard New York City high and loud : the time for cryptos has come.

More than 100 advocates, including minority-owned web3 start-ups and New York policymakers, discussed the crypto policy unlock to fuel economic opportunity.

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Last night, New York City, whose mayor is a fan of bitcoin, saw the organization of a major event organized by Coinbase: “Stand with Crypto”. This meeting aimed at challenging political decision-makers to flexibly regularize the crypto industry saw the participation of a hundred actors.

Web3 companies and policy makers from the city attended the “Stand with Crypto” on occasion.

About the movement

Stand with Crypto brings together global cryptocurrency advocatesforming a passionate community that is committed to promote innovation and reasonable policy in cryptocurrencies. Policy makers around the world are making decisions about the future of cryptocurrencies. Their choices will determine how, when and where you can build, buy, sell and use cryptocurrencies, and it is essential that they make the right choices. “, can we read on the dedicated page by Coinbase on this move.

Advocate for a crypto friendly policy is therefore a priority for the “Stand with Crypto” community. According to Brian Armstrong’s exchange, it takes ” muster a million defenders around this peaceful process.

Once brought together, these people will be able to:

  • receive tools and information able to significantly impact cryptocurrency innovation and policy;
  • challenge American elected officials (representatives and senators) with a view to support bills in favor of these assets ;
  • access information on specific legislation or advice on attending public meetings;
  • monetize Stand with Crypto NFTs;
  • etc

And above all, to “spread the message by sharing all the information provided” on the Coinbase platform.

Other Coinbase campaigns

“Stand with Crypto” is not the first initiative of its kind spearheaded by Coinbase. Decrypt reminds us that last April, the American exchange formalized the movement.

Around this time, Brian Armstrong urged the crypto community to join him in asking regulators and the US government clear regulation of this fledgling industry.

An opportunity for the exchange boss to hit a “Stand with Crypto” NFT on the Zora marketplace.

The Stand with Crypto commemorative NFT is a symbol of unity for the crypto community that seeks sensible cryptocurrency policy “, can we read in the description of the non-fungible token.

First mint of the NFT Stand with Crypto

Note also the existence of a blue shield in this NFT. It represents a strong symbol for the attention of members of the cause. Nevertheless, Coinbase clarified that this NFT has no utility or value whatsoever.

In addition, Coinbase is also behindanother move : “ Crypto: Moving America Forward “.

Presented last May, this operation is also akin to a national campaign ” aimed at highlighting the importance of cryptocurrencies as a technology to modernize the global financial system “.

Also, Coinbase has developed another initiative called “ Go Broad, Go Deep “. It consists of promoting itself in the main world financial markets driven by the objective of guessing crypto hubs.

These communication operations carried out by Brian Armstrong’s team will probably not be able to roll back an SEC very straddling the Coinbase file. Nevertheless, let’s hope they will succeed in convincing politicians to temper Gary Gensler’s aggressiveness.

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