Crypto: Cardano explodes all counters: 79 million transactions!

It’s no secret that the abundant world of crypto is full of more or less serious projects. But one blockchain stands out for its seriousness and constant progress: Cardano.

A booming blockchain

The least we can say is that crypto or the Cardano blockchain is not idle. Its recent development report shows some dizzying figures: 79 million transactions processed to date, a record in the world of crypto-assets! The icing on the cake is that no less than 1,300 projects are currently in development on the Cardano blockchain. Which largely competes with Ethereum on its own ground.

This effervescence testifies to the technological robustness of Cardano. Unlike other blockchains, this one was developed methodically by researchers, with constant concern for security. A rigor that pays off today, when the blockchain accommodates ever more complex applications.

A game-changing crypto update

But the real game changer for the Cardano crypto is its recent Vasil update. Long-awaited, this batch of improvements allows for increased transaction throughput as well as a series of new features.

Enough to considerably boost the attractiveness of crypto among developers and users of decentralized services.

With Vasil, Cardano is catching up with Ethereum in terms of its ability to develop decentralized applications. The most demanding “dApps” can now be deployed on the blockchain, such as complex DeFi services or play-to-earn games with 3D graphics. A small crypto revolution that will help fuel the incredible dynamism of the Cardano ecosystem!

A motivated community

But the real engine of the Cardano crypto is its users and contributors. Its open-source foundation has brought together a global community of enthusiasts, ready to bring this promising decentralized ecosystem to life.

Whether it’s developing new applications, creating native tokens, or participating in governance, Cardano fans are working hard.

With $1 billion in funding allocated and an average of 100,000 active crypto users, there is no doubt that this community will continue to bring Cardano’s incredible dynamism to life. With bitcoin as a pioneer, other projects are easily paving their way.

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