Crypto: Binance offers cheap plane tickets!

Will Vladimir Putin really dare to deprive the EU of Russian gas during the winter? In any case, the rush of a large number of Europeans towards electric radiators and wood-burning appliances testifies to the fear of a possible energy shortage in the coming months. Some of them will not hesitate to book plane tickets to find the sun during the winter holidays. This is probably the reason why Binance came up with a suitable alternative with the help of Crypto Air Tickets. Paying for cheap plane tickets with cryptocurrency is a real boon for enthusiasts.

Affordable Airline Tickets with Binance and Crypto Air Tickets

Buy air tickets with cryptocurrency using Binance and Crypto Air Tickets

Binance has established partnership with Crypto Air Tickets to bring cheaper airfare to crypto enthusiasts. Thanks to this collaboration, they will be able to book and pay their bill using their Binance cryptocurrency wallet.

This convenience will certainly make Binance users happy, since they don’t have to convert their crypto-assets to fiat to afford a plane ticket. Moreover, thanks to Binance Pay, they can already buy goods and services securely anywhere in the world. The icing on the cake, no fees will be charged by using this borderless and contactless cryptocurrency payment system.

It should also be noted that Crypto Air Tickets allows access to over 1,000 airlines and over 9,000 destinations. Its application already integrates the Binance Pay infrastructure

How to book plane tickets with cryptos?

Already, it is necessary to be the holder of a crypto wallet, that is to say to be in possession of “HODL-ed” funds. Then, you are advised to follow the following steps to the letter.

Login to the Binance App

This application is a gateway to several crypto services. By logging in, and switching to pro mode, you will easily arrive at Binance Marketplace. To find this space, you only have to drag the home page down.

Go to the Mini Apps section

The mini-apps section of the Binance Marketplace will take you directly to the Crypto Air Tickets app. After its opening, all that remains is to book your first ticket thanks to cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Air Tickets, available in the Binance Market mini-app listing

Cryptocurrencies, NFT, blockchain… the airlines are getting into it

This initiative by Binance and Crypto Air Tickets is not the first of its kind when it comes to selling air tickets for crypto-assets. As a reminder, the European company Air Europa has already collaborated with TravelX to launch NFTickets called “The Art as the Destination” last May. The lucky owners of this collection will be entitled to a special flight to Miami Beach on November 29.

Also note that in 2019, Hahn Air started issuing electronic airline tickets based on blockchain technology. Thanks to the support of the Swiss company Winding Tree (LIF), this German company was able to transport passengers with similar tickets. Obviously, this idea had seduced other airlines such as Alternatives Airlines at the time.

Also in 2019, Binance also collaborated with TravelBit and Bitcoin Rewards to offer cryptocurrency vacations to its customers. BNB Coin, Litecoin and bitcoin holders had gained access to around 1 million flights and hotels as a result of this initiative.

Book flights with bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies

CZ has already announced that the bear market will not be able to stop the expansion of its company in the world. Also, it will not be able to slow down the evolution of cryptocurrencies or related technologies. In any case, cryptos, which constitute currencies without borders, are able to push people out of their borders.

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