Crypto: the next Warren Buffett?

FTX is one of the largest exchanges in the cryptocurrency industry. The company invests more and more in projects favorable to its development. Earlier this month, it was announced that FTX and payments giant Visa have signed a partnership. Through this collaboration, FTX wants to help its customers acquire crypto goods and services with debit cards, free of charge. Now, the platform is announcing updates that should make it more efficient.

More speed for the FTX crypto platform

Yesterday morning, Sam Bankman-Fried a yearnotounce updates on the FTX crypto platform. Indeed, the CEO of FTX said: “Over the next month we will be making a number of improvements to FTX’s matching engine. In fact, we have already started“. The changes should allow double transaction processing speed on the platform. According to Sam Bankman-Fried, these include the addition of a reduced latency API.

The boss of FTX announces a major update to the platform.

Once FTX is updated, it should process orders much faster. Many features will be added to make it easier for traders. According to Sam Bankman-Fried, major updates will be rolling out to FTX on November 21st. Over the next month, the exchange will preview some of the upcoming new features. To this effect, the CEO of FTX asked traders to stay tuned for new information.

A mixed reception?

Members of the crypto community coldly greeted the announcement of the upcoming updates. They showed a certain indifference in the face of everything the CEO of FTX has said. Many users instead took the opportunity to urge FTX to improve its interface and other elements. A user called FTX at “give decent push notifications for each individual transaction“.

FTX intends to launch major updates that will make it more efficient. However, users of the platform do not seem interested in this news. It appears that they especially want the platform to offer a better user experience.

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