The Solana (SOL) network is functional again

The Solana blockchain is strongly criticized because of the repetitive breakdowns it experiences. These outages slow down the network and prevent users from making timely crypto transactions. Over time, they have mainly contributed to tarnishing the image of the blockchain. The malfunctions have become “a headache for the management team”, says blockchain co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko. He recently said that efforts to address the problem are “his number one priority”. How is Solana doing with fixing these outages?

Solana seems to have a lasting solution!

A few days ago, Anatoly Yakovenko told Decrypt that Solana finally has a solution, capable of ending blockchain outages. This is Firedancer, a scaling solution developed by Jump Crypto in partnership with the Solana Foundation. By the way, the maintainer revealed that Firedancer will become Solana’s scaling solution within the next few months. Thus, the solution will not only solve the problem of breakdowns, but improve transaction processing. This, although the network can boast of having one of the fastest transaction processing times in the industry.

Jump Crypto says it hopes Firedancer will scale Solana dramatically, enabling it to process more transactions more efficiently within the next one to two years. Asked about the possibility of bugs resurfacing, Yakovenko declared : “Because it’s a separate team, the likelihood of them having the same bugs in their code as ours becomes virtually nil”.

Either way, he reassured Solana investors that their money is safe. The announcement of the Firedancer solution received a big welcome among blockchain users. On social networks, they have expressed their joy and say they can’t wait for the solution to be implemented.

Founded in 2020, the hybrid proof-of-history and proof-of-stake blockchain recorded its eighth major outage last month. A number of outages deemed too high by the crypto community, which did not hesitate to multiply criticism. Fortunately, the leaders of Solana see the end of the tunnel.

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