Crypto: A criminal mining network dismantled

Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Interior revealed in an official statement that the country’s law enforcement authorities have dismantled a criminal network that forced a group of security professionals to work under duress. mining of cryptocurrencies. Racketeers have managed to raise up to half a million US dollars per month through this practice.

Officials involved

In total, the police of Kazakhstan arrested 23 people involved in a case relating to mining cryptocurrencies. According to the authorities, among the 23 people, there are former convicts whose mission was to put pressure on a group of computer scientists mastering the techniques of mining of digital assets.

In addition to former convicts involved in the ring, authorities announced that there was also a army military. Moreover, during the searches, they found ammunition, pistols and a Kalashnikov belonging to the soldier. Moreover, the gang would also be made up of civil servants of high social status and powerful businessmen from Kazakhstan.

Under pressure, IT specialists in mining operated illegal cryptocurrency production facilities in the country. And thanks to their actions, the gang made significant profits, according to the police. He would have harvested between $300,000 and $500,000 each month.

Kazakhstan, a new mining paradise

Since China banned the mining of cryptocurrencies on its territory, Kazakhstan has become one of the favorite destinations for professionals in the field. The low electricity tariffs in the country could only attract them. However, this influx of people has led to a growing energy deficit. This prompted the government to take action.

To reduce energy consumption, the government has prohibited, among other things, the activity of mining illegal. So this spring, the financial monitoring agency discovered and closed more than 100 centers of mining underground. Some of these now closed centers belonged to important people in the country, including Bolat Nazarbayev, brother of the former president of Kazakhstan, and Kairat Sharipbayev, former president of the national gas distribution company Qazaqgaz.

Senior officials in Kazakhstan had thriving businesses in mining illegal cryptocurrency, despite government ban. Recently, the police dismantled a network of individuals, including ex-convicts, who were pressuring IT professionals to run digital asset production centers.

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