Inflation: The US Senate passes a new bill

The global economy is going through a dark period. For several months, many countries in the world have been bent under the yoke of inflation. Faced with rising consumer prices, the US Senate decides to take matters into its own hands with a bill that could change everything.

Anti-Inflation Project: Big win for Democrats

After more than a year of negotiation, the US Senate finally passes Joe Biden’s bill to fight inflation. For many months, almost all countries around the world have been facing an exponential increase in consumer prices. Even the first world power does not escape the scourge.

Faced with the problems generated, finding a solution becomes the priority. It is in this context that the great plan of the American president is based. Between health and climate problems, the list goes on and on. Therefore, the Democrats have approved a $430 billion investment plan.

The situation is becoming more critical every day. The project called Inflation Reduction Act of Joe Biden which consists, among other things, of increasing taxes on certain companies and printing more money will make it possible to fight against high rates of drugs and the greenhouse effect. According to Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Senate Democrats, this bill will change the country for decades to come.

An effective solution, really?

the Inflation Reduction Act, the great plan of the American Democrats to fight against inflation, promises great exploits. Indeed, it will make it possible to review the prices of certain drugs such as insulin downwards. But also to fight against climate change, by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

But while this bill is good news for some people, others like Republicans and crypto-assets see things differently. For the former, this plan is just a way for the Democrats to hide their economic failure. As for the last ones, it is quite another matter.

Indeed, many cryptocurrency supporters are convinced that bitcoin (BTC) is the solution to ending inflation. Between Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance and Bryan Solstin, a candidate for the US Senate, those who believe that BTC could overcome the rise in consumer prices are a little more numerous every day.

The US Senate’s plan to defeat inflation could be the key to getting out of this dark period. However, while Joe Biden’s plan looks fine with Democrats, some people don’t find it so appropriate. Nevertheless, the American president scores many points a few days before the mid-term elections.

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