Crypto: 40% of American investors are getting into it despite the volatility

The crypto market is currently in a tidy. However, US investors do not see this as an obstacle. According to the survey of The Balance published on August 4, 39% of American investors try to put their money in cryptos. In an effort to preserve their wealth from inflation, they trust digital assets.

Crypto: what are the other investment alternatives?

There are several alternatives for investors namely: cryptos, stocks, ETFs and index funds. According to the survey of The balance, 39% of Americans prefer to invest in cryptos. This, in order to protect themselves from the current economic situation of the country. 41% prefer to bet on stocks in the face of crypto market uncertainty and 64% buy ETFs and index funds.

However, 19% of respondents prefer to invest less in cryptocurrencies. Alongside this, 23% of investors surveyed are less and less interested in listed shares. Following this survey, we can deduce that cryptos are gaining notoriety in the eyes of American investors.

Crypto investors
The choices of the participating investors in the survey, Source: The Balance

Crypto: favorite asset of young investors

In terms of age difference, we can say that young people invest the most in cryptocurrencies. Indeed, roughly half of investors aged 41 and under prefer to invest in cryptos. And besides that, Gen X investors seem to have a preference for stocks. This because, less than a third of this older generation are interested in cryptos.

This survey is relevant since it was able to cover more than 1,000 American investors over the age of 18, who manage their own crypto investments. Small bonus: while this survey was taking place between June 30 and July 9, another was also held. This survey investigated whether people who mention cryptos in their dating app profiles are perceived as more attractive and smarter. And surprisingly, it actually happens to be, according to Finbold.

Not to mention that 30% of crypto investors prefer not to invest in NFT.

Thus, this shows that cryptocurrencies are among the values ​​that allow Americans to face the current crisis. These investors are ready to buy more. This despite the volatility and lack of a clear trend in the crypto market. The Federal Reserve is struggling to contain the rate of inflation. Thus, Americans believe that it is better to put your money in cryptos, rather than keeping it in currencies.

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